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  1. Teraflex Track Bars, Who’s had no issue on your JL?

    I was going for an alignment getting set for some new rims and tires and the shop said I needed to fix the trackbar and he showed me, as someone moved the wheel, the adjustable end flex. For now I'm back on the stock one (with a shifted steering wheel) with a ~0.750" difference between the bar...
  2. Teraflex Nomad Wheels

    Any responses in regards tire pressure sensors? Looking at the time but want to be sure of what Im getting
  3. Mopar Cabin Air Filter Replacement DIY Writeup

    Who judge's a jeep owner for having a dirty jeep... :CWL:
  4. Rubicon Wheel Tire Pressure

    Thanks for the feed back. I'm planning to go to 37s later this year on the stock rims as well and was wondering about how low may be posb. without having to have the experience of popping a bead personally :CWL:
  5. Rubicon Wheel Tire Pressure

    I was looking for a thread for KO2 33s on stock rims for offroad On road I get it, chalk test...35#...37#s ish I've run dirt/rock trails, stone creek bed ish type and have gone to 18# (again Ko2 33s stock rims) that has worked ok and not slipped a bead... But what low pressure on specific off...
  6. Teraflex ST3 w/Falcon 3.1 Install with 37's

    Great overview and interaction / answers to questions, thank you. If you got another driveshaft question I'd no fault a sharper response ;) I'm waiting for my Teraflex 2.5 to show up as I wanted to keep it low (and yes less driveshaft change) and yet still stuff 37s into the JLUR wheel wells...
  7. extended door limit straps with wiring?

    I've been looking at premade options for this as well. Larger people sliding in/out or leveraging in sizable loads (you know that grocery getter ;) ) like from tractor supply .... People have a tendency to slide back and press on the rear fender. Longer items loaded that are square are...
  8. My Jeep JL rollover accident on the highway yesterday!

    Glad you rolled with it .... And are here with us all. Hope to meet up on the trails in the comming years
  9. OEM tow hooks vs. D Rings

    I found that to be the same... In truth 3 things: 1 - I am looking for a front bumper alternative attachment point and will look into the ones above. 2- the warn mid bar makes it almost almost impossible for a D-Ring to slip off but I still don't like / trust it if there are alt. options. 3...
  10. Gungnir


  11. Giveaway of the Month - June 2019 - Full Set JL Wrangler Inner Fender Wells

    Need to keep the stones under the tires and out of the well...
  12. Hood Vents - JLU/JL Rubicon functional or only decorative?

    Few newbie thaughts / points many likely agree with... Or not. 1) Many JLs have been running without any additional venting for more than a year but time may tell. 2) Rubicon vents... As they stand from factory are just decorative and to me thats BS. Make it functional or has no reason to be...
  13. Local / online (pro vs big box) / events

    As a person new to the jeep world (backpacked, dirt bike, farm growing up) I was looking for somthing that addressed where was the best place to buy upgrades, significant upgrades (not your antenna or cup holder).... Didn't see any and I hope posting this here is good. I know it lilely REALLY...
  14. Bantam and Jeep

    A day at a time... Coming up quick. I know many can find the web site but for ease...
  15. Post your 2019 JL build status

    Jeep Rubicon Order JLRU - Ocean Blue Order Date 27 April 2019 Delivery to Dealer 15 May 2019 Surprised the $h17 out of me. I was planning end of the month now I got to juggle to go pick it up (not that I'm complaining).
  16. Post your 2019 JL build status

    Ocean Blue Metallic JLUR 4/27. Order 5/03. VIN. via chat With the 19MY ending and the 20MY being set up anyone have experience as to what the impact would potentially be? Will it add 3 weeks to the schedule or will it slip in before / during the re-tooling for the new MY?