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  1. Rubicon 4xe - Surprising highway stability

    I mean, I think it is obvious that the battery pack is really helping with this. My Sahara 4xe is fantastic on the highway as well. Much better than my old JK. Not even close, to be honest.
  2. 2021 SEMA Launch Pad Finalist - ThinSkinz

    100%! Amazing product that has already saved my rear panels with our corgis. Well worth every penny.
  3. 🔧⚡️ Service Hybrid Electric Vehicle System

    Right, I get that. My build date is in June. I am merely trying to wrap my head around if most of these problems are from early build dates. And it does seem that way.
  4. 2022 model year changes- 4xe

    Wait, really? This seems to be an issue with your truck, then. My center console works perfectly using the wireless CarPlay dongle.
  5. Using true hybrid mode to maximize MPG of Jeep 4xe

    I mean, it's abundantly clear that there are benefits of staying in M8 on the highway. My parents live about 60 miles away and I end up with about 10% left in charge when I stay on the highway with around 80-90% of the driving in M8. This makes sense as the engine is in prime gas mileage mode...
  6. 🔧⚡️ Service Hybrid Electric Vehicle System

    What is the Y46 recall? Also, how old is your 4xe?
  7. 33s on my Sahara 4xe!

    Where did you order the black/blue Jeep emblems?
  8. Newbie considering 4xe.. help me decide.

    Yeah, the outdoor charging thing is something many of us are dealing with and it's not really a problem. I am having my Level 2 charger installed hopefully in the coming couple of weeks and it will be installed outside and on the side of our house.
  9. Electric mode temporarily unavailable.

    I am still unsure how temperature would actually impact the drive mode. I haven't had any issue in high 90s temps with running in electric.
  10. Insurance Recomendations

    I'm sorry but people just randomly throwing out insurers and rates doesn't make much sense. Insurance is HIGHLY dependent on where you live and what carriers in your area are really pushing for business in that area. Auto in one area with one carrier may be 50-75% more expensive than with a...
  11. 4xe shut down on highway with charge error - think I know what causes it now.

    I think this is more of a red herring / coincidence. But should still be investigated for sure.
  12. Earl color photoshop request

    Looks a bit like the TRD Pro Lunar Rock.
  13. Thinking of ordering a stripper Willy's.... Thoughts?

    Yet you walked right into strippers with willies.
  14. Car and Driver trashes the 4xe

    Something something particle physics something something
  15. Car and Driver trashes the 4xe

    I'm confused. Do you think that the 4xe Rubi isn't available with cloth seats? Perhaps before you post about particle physics you could, I dunno, open up the 4xe build page and check whether or not cloth seats are available. Might be a good idea. YMMV, though.
  16. Car and Driver trashes the 4xe

    Perhaps C&D should have bothered to mention that when they were discussing pricing. They did not. Instead, they insinuated that the price of the 4xe was over $10,000 more than a non-4xe. This is just simply deceptive. I don't think that this was purposeful or anything. Just lazy. Guessing...
  17. Car and Driver trashes the 4xe

    Well said. I don't know how people aren't understanding this and why this piece is just garbage journalism. The whining about censorship is . . . amusing at least. I don't think anyone is seriously talking about censoring a bad piece of journalism.
  18. Car and Driver trashes the 4xe

    Proving what point? I mean, you can simply look at the discussion on price. It's incredibly disingenuous since it doesn't compare an apples-to-apples Wrangler. I've read C&D for 25+ years. Love the publication; this is just bad journalism.