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  1. Rubicon Springs on Sahara

    Page 13 of this thread I have some before and after side pics, but not from the same location. I definitely don't think it looks too small with the 1/2" teraflex. I've seen that look and I don't like it.
  2. I don't understand....maybe it's me

    I find myself in safari mode more than I thought I would. The sun is so strong here even in winter it's like a laser beam. I'm super glad I got the soft top though, if I just had the hard top I think I'd be one of those people that never took it off.
  3. Rubicon Springs on Sahara

    I did switch them out. I got them at AllMoparParts.
  4. Rubicon Springs on Sahara

    For those who are interested. I parked next to a stock Sahara today. I have the rubi shocks and springs (2nd highest spring numbers) 1/2" spacers, and rubi takeoff wheels/tires. Wish it was a better Pic, but it was all I had to work with.
  5. British Car Reviewer doesn't understand removable doors and center window switches

    I believe the Jeep was originally designed without doors so it was easier to shoot the nazis that the Brits were having such a hard time with.
  6. Seriously Sirius??!

    It's been two months since my Sirius XM expired. Just today I got an email and a letter from Sirius. It's like this several times a week. I feel like the Dursley's when they tried to ignore Harry Potter's invitation to Hogwarts.
  7. Arizona Owners parts sale/trade thread ...

    Anyone in Phoenix area looking for the extended lower control arms. I have an extra set (long story). $60.
  8. Mopar LCA swap

    Anyone in Phoenix area looking for the extended lca's. I have an extra set (long story). $60.
  9. Educate me: leather seats

    I live in the Arizona desert. I test drove a JL last summer with leather seats and none of the options I wanted. I had to buy it because I was stuck to the seat and couldn't break free. I've been living in the jeep ever since and idling it day and night to stay cool (please reference other...
  10. Longer LCA to go with rubi suspension where are they?!?

    Mine did arrive, I think it was July 5th. Installed last weekend. Total wait time was about 5 weeks.
  11. Rubicon Springs on Sahara

    Well it took about 6 weeks since I decided to wait for the longer lca's, I was finally got the Rubi suspension on with the 1/2" Teraflex spacers. The steering feels just like it did before, and I never had problems with my steering. I'm glad I went with this minor lift, anything higher and I...
  12. Anyone regret installing Rubicon suspension on Sport?

    My lca's arrived yesterday after about a 5 week wait. So there may be hope.
  13. Rubicon Springs on Sahara

    AllMoparparts. There was a coupon code someone gave me for free shipping . I can't remember if it's in this thread or not. If you can't find it, I can hunt it down.
  14. Rubicon Springs on Sahara

    Finally got my lower control arms today. Took about 5 weeks.
  15. Longer LCA to go with rubi suspension where are they?!?

    I ordered mine a month ago from AllMoparparts. I knew they were backordered. I checked in Friday and was told they are going to ship on Monday.
  16. Is it possible to just flip the soft top back and drive?

    I read up on it. Apparently it's safe to do at any speed under the following conditions. You must have an angry bird grill, Selec Trac (because it has cv joints instead of a u joint), street tires on 20" wheels, and side steps. You can never drive it off road. You must drive it to the mall...
  17. Is it possible to just flip the soft top back and drive?

    So glad to see this question again
  18. Anyone regret installing Rubicon suspension on Sport?

    I have a Rubi takeoff sitting in my garage for a month now. I'm waiting on the Mopar lift LCA's. Starting to get frustrated waiting.
  19. QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Thanks. I'd been doing a little research and had those on my radar. I put in the order.