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  1. Topless Leather VS Topless Cloth

    Cloth with seat covers. The Bartact covers that I have are waterproof.
  2. Smell from the AC

    I had this smell coming from the A/C. It was/is mold in the evaporator area. What I did to fix it was put A/C on coldest, not max. You want it to draw in outside air. Blower on highest setting and from the outside vent by the wipers spray Lysol disinfectant. I used half a can, but after a couple...
  3. Vehicle Health Report Contradiction?

    I've received 3 vehicle heath reports in the last week so obviously their reporting is gone haywire
  4. seat covers?

    seat covers
  5. Uconnect "Favorites" function just STOPPED working. Help!

    I had a uConnect update today. 2019 but it didn't give any details what it was for. Only said it did not include map updates.
  6. Blackout "Jeep" lettering

    Plastic dip is super easy
  7. What colors do you want to see on the JL/JT?

    When ordering a class 8 truck you have a choice of over 500 colors, yet we are offered a select few. I thought Ocean Blue was too dark and wanted something lighter, but settled on red.
  8. What is your voltage at?

    I didn't pay attention at first, but my ESS stopped working and voltage was a constant 14.7V. Dealer charged battery and said problem fixed, voltage down to 14.2V and ESS working. Slowly started creeping back up, 14.5V , and ESS stopped working. Back to dealer had it again for an entire day...
  9. Mopar all weather floor mats (would you buy again)

    I bought a set of the Mopar mats (with red lettering) and sold them after a week. 1. The mat is cut out under the gas pedal, so any slush/salt drips right into the carpet. 2. The drain didn't seal as the carpet pushed it back out (as stated earlier you can just cut them off). 3. The rear seat...
  10. Decorating the wife’s Jeep... she loves pink

    Posted this in another thread.
  11. POLL: What is your favorite color on the Jeep Wrangler (2021 Model Year)

    Why don't they just give people exactly what they want? When ordering a class 8 truck, you have a choice of over 400 different shades of every color?
  12. What do you think will fail first in the JL driveline?

    I had a front CV boot leak out all it's grease after 1 year and they replaced the axle shaft. Usually CV boots are good for ~10 years so maybe I'm just unlucky.
  13. Cost to install OEM remote start

    My guess is they are supplying 2 remotes. That is probably the biggest cost. And 1 hour charge for programming.
  14. anyone makes a lower temp thermostat ?

    I think we have a ~195 thermostat. Keep in mind that means it just starts to open at 195.
  15. LED Headlight Care

    Most lights today are made of Lexan. Forum members swear by Plexus, but it is hard to find here in Canada and about $40 a can.
  16. Transmission kick-down --- Geez!!

    The V6 has it's powerband at higher RPM's so when you ask it for power, that's what you get. My only gripe is when using ACC and someone exits in front of you, the Jeep takes off like a rabbit.
  17. ESS start/stop not working properly!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Actually the factory service manual states to remove it from below, through the inner fender.
  18. Instrument cluster and gear indicator staying on

    I had this issue and found another thread on this website that says to pull the fuse F25 for the shifter for 2 minutes. Worked for me.