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  1. So who has 100Lb hanging on the stock hinges

    You won't have any issues whatsoever. No modifications needed. That tire is barely any larger than the OEM Rubicon tires.
  2. Soft top Jeep roof top tent?

    With an exoskeleton rack such as Gobi or LOD, you can still run your soft top with a RTT. I guess you could theoretically also mount a roof rack that typically drills through the hard top and attaches to the roll bars and/or tub, but that would mean taking the whole thing off (tent and rack and...
  3. Roof rack with Sunrider on JLU, suggestions please!

    The Rhino Rack Pioneer platform with Maximus-3 bracketry sits something like 2-7/8” total above the hard top. You’d need the short platform to work with your sunrider, I suppose.
  4. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    Street bike? Hwy 12 out of Lolo to Kooskia, ID is a beautiful windy road for performance street vehicles that like the curves. When I lived in the Bitterroot, I drove that route many, many times. If it's a dual sport or offroad bike, Magruder is great. I saw plenty of dual sports last summer...
  5. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    That's the entrance to the Magruder Corridor from the Montana side.
  6. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    No, no metal flake at all. It's a straight solid gloss; very old school.
  7. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    For reference, Method M305 NV's, 17x8.5, 0 offset (4.75" BS). Hope this helps.
  8. Off-road Camper “Quarter Wide” Trailer Build Using Harbor Freight Frame

    Very meticulous breakdown, great job! Like mentioned above, I'm sure the kids are going to have years and years of incredible memories with their folks in the ol' "Quarter-Wide." What an awesome family project!
  9. Thule Rack on Jeep Wrangler 2DR

    There isn't really any issues with mounting a rail like you have in the picture, on the freedom panels (the front two removable roof panels). Just keep in mind that the maximum rated static load for the Jeep hard top is 150lbs when using a gutter mount like that. That weight limit will...
  10. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    Man, that looks incredible. Are these off a 392 Jeep? You have me really thinking about following suit; the darker bronze looks so much better to me than the more goldish bronze on my Method NV's.
  11. Off-road Camper “Quarter Wide” Trailer Build Using Harbor Freight Frame

    Terrific craftsmanship and problem solving! I, for one, really appreciate the little Jeep nods you managed to work in where you could. Have you kept a running tally of how much money you have in the project? I sure hope this inspires others to try the DIY route; I bet you have more pride in...
  12. Anyone use a dirtbike hitch carrier?

    This is the one I purchased; I misspoke earlier, it has a 600lbs capacity rather than 500lbs: I personally wouldn't have a problem loading...
  13. Bike racks for JL (non-hitch, so spare tire or roof only pls)

    Here's another one that looks like it will work (again, no firsthand experience; my mountain biking days are long behind me):
  14. Bike racks for JL (non-hitch, so spare tire or roof only pls)

    I've no experience with this brand or model, but here's one that looks like it mounts over the spare tire and will allow the tailgate to be opened while installed: That Allen one...
  15. Bike racks for JL (non-hitch, so spare tire or roof only pls)

    I personally wouldn't sweat blocking the rear camera unless you intend to leave the bike carrier on the Jeep 100% of the time. If it's only on when you're hauling bikes, just live without the rearview camera for that brief period of time.
  16. Anyone use a dirtbike hitch carrier?

    BTW, how much did that trailer run you? Does it have a 3500lbs axle or something lighter? I really would like a little 5x10 or 5x12 trailer to pull behind the Jeep on the occasion the roof rack isn't enough but going to get my pickup and my 7x18 car hauler is too much.
  17. Anyone use a dirtbike hitch carrier?

    I have a Black Widow (popular Amazon Made in China brand) steel dirt bike carrier. So far I've only thrown my little 115lbs lightning bike on it, but it's rated at 500lbs capacity and doesn't require a hitch extension. Saying that, the bars and footpeg will hit the spare tire if you don't...
  18. A boy and his dog (and his Jeep) at the end of the world.

    Part 13 – Spring mods and Helena, cont'd I've always liked spare tire covers on Jeeps and similar vehicles. I can't explain why, they me. But, in todays world of fancy wheels and aggressive tires, it seems spare tire covers have fallen somewhat out of favor. And why not? If...