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  1. California Sold: 2021 Sahara Granite Crystal Fenders with LED lights

    Perfectly kept and maintained, other thing a small rock ding on the front of one of the front fenders. LED lights are included and work perfectly. $400. Located in the North Bay of NorCal. I can deliver to Northern Utah or western Oregon if needs be, but I prefer local pickup.
  2. Is there film protection on the over fender in the back from the factory?

    Im creating the same thing for Sahara fenders too, for those of us upgrading our tires. Also, I have PPF for my hinges and door handle cups too. They work great!
  3. California 2021 Rubicon OEM Plastic Front Bumper

    sorry, you don’t have the rear bumper available, do you?
  4. California Front and Rear bumper FREE

    I absolutely want the rear bumper! But I’m out of town until the 4th of January.
  5. California Rubicon plastic front bumper

    What’re the details on it? What did it come off of? How much? Where are you located? What condition is it in? Thanks!
  6. California Sold: 2021 Sahara Altitude Gloss Black wheels and tires (Shipped to Oregon or Utah)

    5 Bridgestone Dueler A/T 255/70/18 wheels and tires with Wrangler Altitude gloss black wheels. 4 tires have 2200 miles on them, the other was the spare and has zero miles. Never been off-roading more than a gravel road. Brand new, it’s over $2500. $900 obo. Located in NorCal. I’ll ship on your...
  7. California Rubicon rear bumper, gently used

    I am! I realize it’s a different bumper from the Sahara, but other than that, what differences are there?
  8. Nevada 2020 Rubicon Bumper

    Do you have the rear for sale also?
  9. Nevada For Sale: Brand New OEM Front Bumper off 2018 Rubicon - $175 OBO - Tahoe-Area

    Are you trying to get rid of the rear bumper as well?
  10. California Rubicon rear bumper, gently used

    Still for sale in the Bay Area?
  11. California Rubicon plastic front bumper

    Where are you located? How much, and what condition is it in?
  12. California Jeep Wrangler JL Factory Roof Racks Crossbars 82215387

    I guess I'm seeing all of your posts today. You still have these?
  13. California Rubicon rear plastic bumper: Free if you pick up from Arnold, CA

    Hey! Is this still available? Any scratches or dents on the bumper?
  14. California Rubicon plastic front bumper

    You don't happen to have the rear for sale, do you?
  15. California Rubicon Steel Bumpers (Bay Area)

    Are they plastic or steel rear bumper?
  16. Oregon New 2021 Rubicon front bumper

    Any chance you have the rear for sale?
  17. Utah FS: Rhino Rack Backbone 3 System (RJLB1)

    Is this literally just the platform, or do you have the mounting hardware as well?