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  1. 2019 Rubicon JLU Flood Restoration Project

    Amazing build. Can't wait to see it run.
  2. Out-of-state purchasing. Making sure I don’t get screwed on taxes.

    Also just remember CA lemon laws do not apply to out-of-state car purchase. Jusy FYI
  3. No power after rest stop. Couldn't get to highway speed on onramp.

    I am by no means an expert. But daily driving my jeep diesel rubicon on 37s I think every owner should have a Scan gauge 2. It's cheap insurance and you get an idea of how hot the turbo is and whats your regen status is. I also agree with the previous post that you should always wait a minute...
  4. Dealer Speedometer Recalibration

    taser mini does that for less cost. I just put 37s and used the taser.
  5. Anyone own a Top Lift Pro?

    I just installed my TLP. The only suggestion I have is to watch the videos. It does not come with any instructions and I got hung up on the spring install. If you need help[ LMK and I can send pics.
  6. Tazer JL vs Mini

    I bought it from @River City Offroad. Still got the deal. Thanks, I cant wait to get mine.
  7. Alien Sunshade Customer Showcase and Gallery

    Just installed the Shade idea from amazon last night. Looks great and with Prime day got it for 90 bucks. Just FYI as another alternative.
  8. Am I a good candidate for an ecodiesel?

    Honestly buy the diesel. I have a very short commute to work but I have to install a Scanguage and watch when to take it out on a long drive to regen. This is my first diesel and the torque is really nice. Makes for a fun driving experience. Also if you don't you will always want one and wonder...
  9. Full MSRP on new orders?

    I just picked mine up last month JLURD 4 percent of invoice. Also, it was custom ordered.
  10. Scangauge Questions

    Thanks for the info. Just ordered one from Autozone
  11. Higher prices?

    I just placed an order for my JL and was told Jeep has taken 2 price increases in the last 6 months. Crazy world we live in right now.
  12. Possibly ordering JLU Willys with diesel: what will I miss from a Rubicon

    I went thru the same issues deciding between a willy diesel or Rubicon. In the end I ended up ordering a rubicon and the price difference was effectively about 4kish with all the options I wanted. Figured installing lockers and and being able to run 35s without major investment was worth it. I...
  13. Any one else in the Bay Area?

    Im in the east bay waiting for my jeep to get built. once its ready I'm down to hit some trails
  14. Deep sunscreen tint windows

    Front windows are never tinted from the factory. It's illegal in some states. I would just do it myself because I'm sure the dealer will have a mark-up on it.
  15. When you have to bring the whole family along!!

    I couldn't help but share this. :LOL::LOL:
  16. which one to buy?

    Occasionally use it on the trails otherwise mostly drive it to and from work. Nothing too crazy. I will probably wheel 6 times a year.
  17. which one to buy?

    Hi All, I am about ready to place an order for my eco diesel but am confused as to which one to get. The price between the Willys unlimited and Sahara unlimited comes up to the same using the price sheet here. So from what I can gather if I go Willys, I get an LSD and bigger tires, and if I go...
  18. moved to right section

    Moved to ordering and buying.