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  1. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Bulletpoint Solutions dash mount for my NoPro. Now I have a stable and secure way to document all my mundane trips to the grocery store.
  2. Best 2-2.5in Spacer Lift for JLU?

    I’ve got the AEV 2” spacers with Rubicon shocks/springs and the Mopar LCA’s. I added wheel spacers because I wanted to keep my stock wheels with the 35’s. Rides better than stock.
  3. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Yeah my dad can fix anything. It took me a while before I started to try things on my own. Thank God for YouTube. I’ve never done much on vehicles other than changing the oil or swapping a battery, but having the Jeep has pulled me out of my comfort zone. I installed all new LED lighting, rear...
  4. Trail Suggestions For NC?

    If you are in the Brown Mountain area, you can take Brown Mountain Beach Rd to Mortimer and Edgemont. Mortimer is an old NC ghost town that was destroyed by a flood in 1941. Edgemont has a great little general store. The road follows Wilson Creek and has some great scenery, especially if the...
  5. The Trail Snail: Stock Height Sport on 35s - Mod & Trip Log + BS

    I went back and forth between this size and the 12.5. I decided on the 12.5, but very curious to see how these look. Nice build!
  6. Another Brawlee Install - OEM was the goal

    Nice job! That light is one of my favorite mods so far. I ran mine very similar to yours, except I chose to tie it to the dome light instead of a switch. I was very impressed with how they thought through the install process. Very clean.
  7. Are these Rubicon 4xe wheels that came stock on my Sport S?

    Those are 35x12.5r17 Kenda Klevers. I have Rubicon shocks and springs with an AEV 2” spacer lift. I used Synergy wheel spacers to clear the larger tires on the stock wheels.
  8. Are these Rubicon 4xe wheels that came stock on my Sport S?

    I have the same wheels. They aren’t dealer takeoffs. These were available as an option on the Build site for a brief time around April/May. These wheels were in the “in transit” pic of my Jeep before it hit the dealer lot. Here’s my equipment sheet: I’m glad I got these. They are better...
  9. What Non-Factory Mod is Absolutely Worth Every Penny

    Brawlee LED Cargo Light. I splurged for the RGB version, cause why not? I love when a company has really put a lot of effort into thinking through the entire install process, and this fits that bill. The disconnect and 12v adapter system are so well done. They even provide white and black cable...
  10. Which forum member has taught you the most?

    I can’t thank @Roky, @WranglerMan, and @chevymitchell enough for allowing me to pepper their message inbox with question after question regarding lifts, tires, LCA’s, and ODB apps. Those guys helped me a lot and I’m very happy with where my JL has ended up taking their advice.
  11. Need Day Trip Ideas for Greenville SC

    Thanks so much for that! We might give this one a shot. We’ll be by ourselves so I don’t want to get TOO adventurous.
  12. Need Day Trip Ideas for Greenville SC

    Yeah, we are super familiar with downtown. We love the park and Main Street. We’re super close to the mountains, so I was looking for some cool places to go for an afternoon using downtown as the hub.
  13. Need Day Trip Ideas for Greenville SC

    The wife and I are headed to Greenville, SC for a couple days. We’ll have all day Friday, and was wondering if anyone had suggestions about a good day trip. We’ve done Horse Pasture Rd to the Jocassee overlook. Wife just wants to ride, no hiking. Thanks in advance!
  14. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Tried out Turtle Wax Hybrid Wet Wax. Not bad.