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  1. Upgraded my two front dash tweeter speaker.

    Nope, you have play with the angle when you’re putting it in. No vibration or trimming needed here.
  2. Synergy rear track bar relocation bracket review

    I was wondering if I need the bump stops if I have the mopar lift kit installed. Doesn’t the lift kit come with bump stops?
  3. Synergy rear track bar relocation bracket review

    Did you do this on the ground or on a lift? I can’t seem to tap it in place because the left spring catches it.
  4. CASTER 6 or 5.5???

    What’s up guys, I’m getting my synergy lca in the mail on Tuesday and getting them installed along with the rear track bar relocation bracket. I have a 2018 JLU Sahara with mopar lift kit, teraflex steering stabilizer and synergy track bar. Is there a reference someone can recommend me to show...
  5. 2021 Jeep with paint issues body + hard top

    I got that same spot painted about 6 times and every time I was leaving the shop it looked good for about a day or so and it always came back.
  6. 2021 Jeep with paint issues body + hard top

    Near the gas cap panel I have a crack in the paint.
  7. 2021 Jeep with paint issues body + hard top

    If you read the thread I started all the details are there. This probably will be my last jeep.
  8. 2021 Jeep with paint issues body + hard top

    After months of going back and forth, I gave up because the dealership I went to sent it to a third party paint shop and they both agreed not to work on my car any longer due to no solutions. The other dealerships I went to they all denied to work on my car because they didn’t want the headache.
  9. 2021 Jeep with paint issues body + hard top

    I tried the local body shop because Jeep cares recommended it to me, however they won’t approve it. I had many repairs done on the same spot.
  10. 2021 Jeep with paint issues body + hard top

    Hey man I’m sorry to hear what you’re going thru, I’ve had some paint issues and it was a nightmare! I was bounced around dealerships to dealerships following everything Jeep cares told me to do and still haven’t gotten the issue resolved and gave up. Do your research on who’s going to work on...
  11. 4 or 5 tire rotation????

    I normally do a 5 tire rotation. I go by this reference on the right.
  12. New York 2018 OEM Sahara rims and tires $800

    No, sorry. I thought I marked it sold.
  13. How do you cook out of your JL?

    Does this rattle? I want one but can’t stand anything rattling inside the cabin.
  14. Uconnect 7" screen flicker

    One of the Jeep cares member on this forum told me there’s no tsb for a 2018 model. The one I spoke to prior on the phone told me there is but can’t get a hold of him. Now I have a appointment hopefully they vdcan resolve this issue because last time I went in they replaced my whole unit instead...
  15. Uconnect 7" screen flicker

    Has anybody with a 2018 JLU gotten this work done?
  16. post-purchase Extended Warranty recommendations?

    This warranty is for any Jeep dealership?