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  1. WOLF DEN RUN - Kitzmiller Maryland

    We did go earlier this year. Not challenging but definitely fun. Will be going back.
  2. 2019 JLUR + Opus Offroad 4 sleeper

    I’m towing an OP4 with a 2018 JLUR. It’s the 3.6 with a manual transmission. It’s currently stock and and I’m on 37’s. I split the fenders and added helper bags on the rear springs. I’m planning on regearing to 5.38’s, though the stock 4.10 gears are working okay. With the helper bags, I’m not...
  3. Opus OP2/OP4 or Intech Explore Flyer?

    I’m towing at the top range of the JLU towing capacity. I forget it’s back there but I remember once I hit the stepper inclines. Lol
  4. Opus OP2/OP4 or Intech Explore Flyer?

    Because of the towing, it was going to be 5.13 or 5.38. They didn’t get it installed yet and we are taking the opus to AOAA in PA tonight. I guess I’ll find out how 4.10 do towing with 37’s! LOL
  5. Opus OP2/OP4 or Intech Explore Flyer?

    It was in that picture. I'm running 37's now and regearing this week. I'm putting 5.38's in it. We have a trip planned for this Friday so I'll see how it does with the new gears.
  6. Georgie has past away "Make-A-Wish Event "Jeeps for Georgie"

    It was a rewarding experience and amazing seeing so many Jeep’s gathered in one place.
  7. Pictures of camping with your Jeep

    They have just release a lighter model called the OP Lite. Not sure on the weight but you should be able to find the specs online. Good luck!
  8. Pictures of camping with your Jeep

    I believe the dry weight is 2800 pounds. Packed for camping, it is at the upper limit of Jeep’s towing capacity, but it does surprisingly well. It is an opus camper: OP4 with the air annex.
  9. Steering Gear - Likely Recall First of the year

    Don’t forget to reach out to Jeep cares. They may be able to assist the dealer in getting the parts earlier.
  10. Steering Gear - Likely Recall First of the year

    I just picked up my JLUR from the dealer after having the TSB completed this morning. I does drive better with much less loose movement in the steering and that’s with them putting 38 pounds of air in my tires. It should be perfect once I drop my air pressure back down to 32. Good luck guys...
  11. Steering Gear - Likely Recall First of the year

    When I spoke to Jeep cares about two weeks ago, they told me the ordering procedure had recently changed and they called the dealer. Mysteriously, the pet arrived a week later. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  12. Steering Gear - Likely Recall First of the year

    That’s odd. My steering box came in last week and will be installed on Friday. I’ll see if I can find out anything more. Have you reached out to Jeep cares for assistance? They were able to assist me by calling the dealer and assisting them in getting the correct parts.
  13. Steering Gear - Likely Recall First of the year

    Just made an appointment to have the steering gear TSB done to my 2018 JLUR. The work will be complete under my extended warranty. My service advisor told me that this TSB will likely become a recall after the first of the year and that I could have the work complete now with my $100 deductible...
  14. WOLF DEN RUN - Kitzmiller Maryland

    Have any of you ran the trails at Wolf Den Run in Garrett County Maryland? How are they? Looking at running the trails in early December.
  15. Maryland Sold: OEM LED DRL Fender Turn Signal and Side Marker Lights

    These are off my 2018 JLUR . These are in great condition and come with the complete wiring harness. I just removed them this weekend and am running the American Adventure Lab High-Line DRL's. Located in Maryland and shipped to your door for $250 within the continental United States.
  16. Disabling inactivity shut down after 30 minutes?

    Brilliant idea! It took two years for you to think of this? LOL
  17. Opus OP2/OP4 or Intech Explore Flyer?

    We recently acquired the opus off road camper. It’s a 2018 OPS200 which is now called the OP4. Great camper and my JLUR does a good job of towing it.
  18. Maryland New Freedom Panels and hardware For Sale

    Sure. You can call or text me at 4106750507 or email at [email protected]