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  1. Yea yea off roader BUT who enjoys driving their JL onroad?

    Just washed mine last night - spend a stupid amount of time looking at it in the garage afterwards. LOL.
  2. Yea yea off roader BUT who enjoys driving their JL onroad?

    No doubt - super fun no matter where you drive; on or off road. But I was happily surprised to find how comfortable it was on road trips and just driving around town. I even prefer it to my previous vehicles for the horrendous commute traffic here in the Bay Area! I have an old, lower back...
  3. What is one of the most overlooked features of your Jeep?

    I have found one off-road teardrop trailer that I can tow with my capacity. Pretty stoked!
  4. What is one of the most overlooked features of your Jeep?

    I got the tow package just so I could have integrated buttons for my ancillary lights. Seriously - what am I gonna tow behind a two door?
  5. What is one of the most overlooked features of your Jeep?

    Heated steering wheel for the win - won't have a vehicle without it now :). Now I need to install something that lifts the back window automatically after the tailgate swings open. I started chatting and forgot to lift it - poor dog tried to jump in. I'm pretty sure it won't be the last time...
  6. It started with jjirish's nails...

    bend your finger and use your knuckle - it fits underneath fine
  7. Help! My wife HATES my new Jeep!

    Well, you did ask on a forum specifically for Jeep lovers.... not sure what you expected but likely some reasurance for the path you'll likely head down. You bought it for you and it suits multiple needs. It doesn't have to be the perfect vehicle for all purposes and you have multiple...
  8. Whatcha name your Jeep?

    I was just gonna say that I hope there is a Gecko or Mojito Jeep out there named Elphaba - it really needs to be done by somebody. :)
  9. Nubie question - basic recovery

    Agreed and thank you - I would not do anything without researching and making sure I understand what I'm doing - that's why I came here (to start) and I very much appreciate all the comments :). Part of the desire to understand and make myself educated on the matter is also knowing when a...
  10. Nubie question - basic recovery

    Thank you - I'll check that out. I read on another forum 2 " and 20 to 30 feet - would you agree?
  11. Nubie question - basic recovery

    Haha - small YETI with premixed margaritas - check. Cell service gets spotty in NFS and BLM but I do have the UConnect service.
  12. Nubie question - basic recovery

    Thank you - I have a first aid kit and all those items already - although my recovery boards are GoTreads and not full boards. Just wanted to round out my "kit" with what I was thinking the essentials should be. Any advice on the original question?
  13. Nubie question - basic recovery

    Hi - my Jeep will be more of a pavement princess than anything else and I won't be on any serious technical roads for sure. That being said, I will take her off road and drive around with others in NFS and BLM. I research recovery/snatch/tow ropes to determine which would be best to...
  14. Off-Road Campers

    If you decide to swap out or what you ordered didn't meet your expectations - have a look at the OPUS. Fantastic off-road capability and comes in various configurations. We have an OP2 and love it - sorry, not pictured with the jeep (two door can't tow it).
  15. Proper Jeep Wave

    Clearly, the Holy Grail of Jeep Waves.
  16. Proper Jeep Wave

    Hell, I got a Jeep nod the other day - made me smile as much as a wave. :).
  17. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Ruby got her name today
  18. FCA canceling 2021 orders?

    This explains why I wasn't able to order my 80th AE except as a 3.6 upgrade (when the 2.0 is stock on the 80th). But it was the only way that I could get what I wanted and when I test drove, a Jeep it was on a 3.6 so... no harm no foul. I could have used the mileage savings on the 2.0 but the...
  19. Honest feedback

    x Hi WIlliam - I had the same concerns re: sports car to Wrangler. I've only driven sports or sporty cars (except for a short stint with a responsible lackluster suv during my post divorce era). So for my mid-life crises, I figured that I already lived my life driving the mid-life crises cars...