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  1. Hard top rear window blow out!

    I do not have a table but I do have two small pouches mounted to the rear door plastic cover but they have been on there about a year. I live in a rural area so my rear end gets pretty dusty I have 6 miles of dirt road to get out to the pavement. They are not blocked though.
  2. Hard top rear window blow out!

    She said she had the hose out and had started washing the hood but had not done anything near the back of the Jeep before it blew.
  3. Hard top rear window blow out!

    Today while my wife was standing next to our two door JL Rubicon the rear window blew out breaking the struts and all. All the glass was outside the Jeep and on the spare, bumper and ground. So it blew from the inside out, the Jeep was parked the engine off and no apparent reason for it to do...
  4. Lessons learned - setting up a JL as a TOAD - long read

    Thats what I thought but the guy seemed to know what he was talking about, he had several Jeeps that he towed over the years. I didn’t know so I just listened.
  5. Lessons learned - setting up a JL as a TOAD - long read

    I was talking to a guy that using his JL as a toad and he was saying that he had to disconnect the battery so that the towing did not add to his odometer mileage. Does that sound right?
  6. Rugged Ridge JL Tube Doors Installed! *PIC*

    Those are nice who makes them? Does the shade shield come with them?
  7. Jeeps and dogs

    I have a 2dr and I am looking for options for cargo netting on the rear when the top is off. I cant believe that Dirty Dog is the only option out there and it is very expensive for what you get. I use USA mesh top so its just the side and back portion that would need coverage.
  8. Where do you store your pistol / gun?

    In Florida the weapon is not required to be concealed in the vehicle but there is a for the sake of explaining a two step process to get the gun. So if that holster has a thumb brake than that’s good.
  9. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    Finally got rid of the Christmas colors.
  10. I finally understand why people hate mall crawlers

    I live on a ranch and use the Jeep as a tool. I see threads like this a lot on here and it makes me wonder how low your self esteem must be to actually hate how or why someone used their vehicle. SMH
  11. Winches on Mall Crawlers?

    WOW you are right I hope she isn’t reading this… lol
  12. Winches on Mall Crawlers?

    I live in the mountains and I am off road a lot, if you saw my Jeep you would think it has never been off road cause I use this thing called soap and water and a power sprayer when it gets dirty. I like my stuff clean, I also have a wench and use it regularly maybe you saw my Jeep at the mall as...
  13. Smoked tail lights, are they legal?

    You can drive a long time and never have an issue but they are not legal in most states.
  14. How often do you replace brakes?

    That seems way too soon, I also have a 2011 JKU with 125k on it. I keep asking if it needs brakes and they keep saying not yet. I am still on the original set… so I think you may have an issue.
  15. Cold by legs

    I have had many Jeep’s CJ5/7 YJ/jK and now JL. Every Jeep I have owned had over the top heating this is a setting that is sticking causing it to happen. So I guess that guy s a newbie...
  16. Midland MicroMobile 15w GMRS Install

    Can you PM me what you have, if it works well for you it should on my Jeep too.
  17. Cold by legs

    Thanks but that won’t stop cold air from coming in the cab.
  18. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    38 years myself and retired doesn’t suck. Hung it up 2019.
  19. Midland MicroMobile 15w GMRS Install

    Last year at the Ouray one we just used handheld FRS radio.