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  1. Having Trouble Installing Brackets for Hard Top The holes are underneath the trim piece and you have to unclip and drop it to be able to feel them. It is a tight fit but a 90* ratchet works really well for installation.
  2. Any high mileage 6 speed manual JL's out there? several high mileage ones in the thread above. My 2019 has 43,000 miles with 3,000 of that on new clutch courtesy of Jeep...
  3. Texas Mopar JLU/JT Half Doors Firecracker Red

    saw this on facebook... FB Marketplace link
  4. Drivers side seat won’t fold back

    Help. 😫 my driver side seat is folded forward and will not unfold. I read through this entire thread. I didn’t find any broken plastic pieces but I also don’t see that piece in the track. The cable seems to be working fine. I only have a 1/4”x3” socket extension and that didn’t help. What do I...
  5. Traction Control Warning after 2" lift

    Yes it can. A cow hit under my front bumper and the traction control lights and electronic stability lights were on with the steering wheel at about 3 o’clock and just an alignment fixed all the issues. But with a lift, you may have more going on...
  6. Tennessee sight-seeing question

    Cades Cove is supposed to re-open on Sept 27th. They are posting updates on the @greatsmokynps instagram page.
  7. Phone Holder Alternatives? I have this one and love it. It is solid and holds my phone high enough to be visible for navigation but not in the way. It is pricey but has proven to be worth it.
  8. Willys Stock Tire Size Question

    I know this is hard to believe...but not everyone wants a lift and big tires. :) The willy's is a sweet spot between not a basic sport and not a rubicon.
  9. Exterior Color Selection

    I thought I only wanted a white jeep...ended up with granite crystal metallic. I love it with the black willy's wheels. I've only driven white, silver, gray, and black vehicles. Having said all that, I really look forward to my next jeep being a "skittles" color. It's a fun car and can...
  10. Tennessee sight-seeing question

    Drive to the Cataloochee Valley on the NC side of the Smokey Mountain National Park - see the elk and the road to get there is fun! You could also drive the Blue Ridge Parkway on the way back.
  11. Don’t die with your yacht in the driveway

    A guy I did monthly bookkeeping for for the past 4 years died yesterday evening from Covid pneumonia at 54. He has 2 kids - his daughter is entering college this year. He would talk about all the things he wanted to do “one day” when he had made “enough money”. I often asked him how much was...
  12. Clutch Recall (FCA W12 | 20V-124) on 2018-2020 JL Manuals [overheating clutch pressure plate]

    My JL has almost 40k miles and I’ve put 11000 of those on it. Had the first recall on my clutch done 6000 miles ago in April. While on a 3700 mile road trip, my clutch started making a lot of noise anytime it was under stress when releasing from neutral to first. It will vibrate too. Just on...
  13. Best National Parks and trails for beginners?

    Driving to the Cataloochee Valley to see the elk in the Smokies is a must do! It's a long, winding, narrow, gravel road with steep drop offs to get there. Elkmont and Smokemont campgrounds both have little streams/rivers running through them and are excellent places to camp in the park.
  14. Maine to Alaska in a JL - NOT 7860 miles anyway (PT1)

    Amazing trip!! Curious if you considered taking the Alaska Marine Highway ferry from Bellingham, WA to Whittier or Homer, AK since Canada is closed? Or why you might have ruled that out... I've been to AK twice and am going again in September (flying up) and nothing else compares!!
  15. Pictures of camping with your Jeep

    I think it just depends on what kind of vacation you want. The Bar Harbor side of the island was so busy with so many people and so much traffic. Riding around it looked to me like there were several other private campgrounds that offered more amenities and were closer to the park loop rd...
  16. Driving Thru NYC with MT advice

    update: I drove 95 from DC to NYC and traffic in DC was terrible on a Saturday evening. Drove up 95 and over the George Washington Bridge on Sunday morning.…easy breezy and I got to see the city from a distance. Took the first exit off the bridge and drove up thru the Bronx and couldn’t believe...
  17. Pictures of camping with your Jeep

    Drove from AL to Maine to Acadia for the week. Stopped on the way up at the Clarksboro NJ KOA for the night. Very nice spot. at Blackwoods Campground in Acadia for the week. If I ever did this trip again, I think I would stay at one of the private campgrounds and not blackwoods. On the way...
  18. What’s 6th gear for???

    I’ve wondered the same thing. I just drove 3700 miles from AL to ME and back. I hadn’t driven the Jeep much on the interstate prior to this trip. I used 6th on the way up some but quickly realized gas mileage was better in 5th and it handled the hills better (+2mpg or so according to the dash...
  19. Driving Thru NYC with MT advice

    Thanks! I have a park pass and always looking for a reason to use it! Thanks for the ferry recommendation - that looks fun and I may can work that in on the way back!