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    Checking in!! -Punk'n JTR
  2. Florida Roll Call!

    That would be me :) Looking forward to it.
  3. Getting a response from Jeep dealers

    Apples and Oranges. Last cell phone I bought, I went online did my research...picked one I was at my door the next day....took about 5min of calling automated phone# to get it activated. Not too item is <1k while the other is >50k. That said since I live in...
  4. Recommended Dealers List

    Now that is how buying a new car should be :) Hope when my time comes to get a JL, I can find a dealer near me that works like that....but extremely doubtful. :( I think I might have to move out of Florida to get a good deal on a JL based on what I have seen so far. =P
  5. How to take advantage of ESS effectively.

    Honestly, My beef is not so much with the inclusion of is with making the disable switch "temporary". If they had made it permanent/persistent then I could care less. The choice would be mine either way...and I wouldn't have to remember it every time I start the vehicle. Choice is...
  6. How to take advantage of ESS effectively.

    JL no. But several other vehicles with ESS.
  7. How to take advantage of ESS effectively.

    Probably one of the first things I will do when I get a JL will be to permanently disable ESS. Such a annoying and more importantly ...unnecessary "feature" forced on us by government tools.
  8. Any information on 2019 Jeep JL Wrangler colors?

    With a comforting computer voice reminding them that anything bad, disappointing or unfortunate that has happened in their life must be someone else's fault? And don't forget ....this model will be free to millennial's since its obviously owed to them.
  9. Any information on 2019 Jeep JL Wrangler colors?

    Hopefully more that you actually need a color monitor to see. :)
  10. Plenty of JLs on lots....

    It was almost comical....they had some red JLs mixed in with red alternating formation........then some whites mixed in with white JKs ...again in alternating format. All were sports...with the fugly euro-style bumper thingie.
  11. Plenty of JLs on lots....

    I stopped by a local dealer cause I just wanted to see what they had. Lot full of JKs...with one or two JL's mixed in, almost purposely hiding among them (JK-JL-JK-JL-JK, etc) since they were with the same color JKs. . Mostly all red sport models.
  12. Why do dealers refuse to discuss pricing on-line?

    If they are not willing to talk price via email...I just cross them off the list. Besides, since I live in Florida...I am getting a nasty feeling that when the times comes to order my JL, I will be going out of state. :( With the information available to use these
  13. Opinions/Suggestions wanted on which top setup to get

    I live in Florida....when I do get my JL it will be Soft Top only. Will be my 3rd Wrangler...none of which had hard tops so I obviously do not need one :)
  14. 1800 Wranglers w/i 150 mi of me - all are white, blk, gray or red

    Yeah it was disappointing that majority of the launch colors could be viewed on a black and white TV. :)
  15. Auto stop start (ESS) permanent disable / defeat by unplugging hood sensor

    The damn ESS was the one thing I was really hating about the JL. Every car I have driven with it was annoying to deal with...especially here in Florida in the summer. Glad there is a simple solution. One little dash light is nothing... Would not be a Jeep without a warning light or two always...
  16. Who else is in the "I'm waiting until the 2nd model year to buy but it's really hard to wait" club?

    I am definitelyi n the "wait for 2nd year club"....might even have to join the "wait for 3rd year club" :(
  17. UConnect and Apple Car Play: Apple Maps/GPS ONLY

    The Uconnect in my wifes Renegade went nuts one time and changed everything to Italian language and started cycling thru screens on its own. Even the dash information screen was in Italian. I guess it was homesick =P Shut it down...unplugged battery for an hour then reset everything and its...
  18. UConnect and Apple Car Play: Apple Maps/GPS ONLY

    Pretty sure, Android Play in JL doesn't work wireless. Requires hard wire via USB cable.
  19. Video: How to remove the JL doors (Quadratec)

    After I removed the doors for the first time on my 08 JK almost 10 years ago, i never put the nuts on hinges back on.