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  1. 35's on Sahara Rims?

    Not mine, but saw this one the other day. I have 275 / 70 18's on my stock Sahara wheels and was advised not to go any wider, but these are 35 x 12.5.
  2. Illinois JLU (4 door) premium soft top and rock rails

    Where are you in IL? If WhereRU_A-A-Ron isn't interested, I may be.
  3. Auto start/stop rant

    My ESS constantly says it is not in effect because the battery is charging, despite the fact the battery consistently reads 14.3 V. Anyone else running this? Seem like something I should be concerned about? Thanks.
  4. Anyone upgraded the tires on the 20” factory wheels?

    Was unaware these high altitude editions had 20” wheels. Has anyone put some beefier tires on those rims? Curious how they look.
  5. Jeep vs deer (or other critters)

    Knock on wood i've never hit anything with the bumper, but my windshield is batting 1.000 when it comes to collecting bugs.
  6. Tesla Cybertruck debuts tonight. Anyone been following?

    My JL breathed a sigh of relief... no danger of getting traded in for that thing.
  7. Finally joined the Club

    Congrats, she's a real beaut!
  8. 20”s and 33’s

    Excellent resource! It's tough to tell from pictures because of different angles and various offsets, but they definitely look better in person and don't worry about what anyone else says... if all jeeps looked the same they'd be boring.
  9. 275/70 R18 on Stock Sahara Wheels

    That looks great! I've been going back and forth about lifting it. How's it drive? Any noticeable change???
  10. 275/70 R18 on Stock Sahara Wheels

    Nope, plenty of room.
  11. The Aftermarket Bumper List (JL / JLU Wrangler)

    I've looked and looked and can't find anything like this but would love one! Flat, low profile, slightly wider than grill width... c'mon, somebody make one!!!
  12. St. Louis MO

    Thanks, everyone! On the flip side, if anyone is looking to do anything to their Jeep and needs help, I'm happy to volunteer in hopes of learning. Strong back, weak mind!
  13. 275/70 R18 on Stock Sahara Wheels

    I think I've read every wheel and tire post on this forum and still not 100% sure on what direction I want to go. Don't "need" to lift the Sahara, but wanted something more aggressive looking and that would provide improved offroad traction. Debated on changing the wheels, but didn't really...
  14. St. Louis MO

    Hello. I'm in St. Charles and considering a lift to my '18 JLU Sahara. Obviously a DIY would be great for saving money, but I'd also like the satisfaction of doing it myself and understanding how it works. Where do you guys install your lifts at? It'd be nice to put it on a lift, but i'm new...
  15. Mounted & Balanced Tires Online

    Pardon the noob question, but what are some good sites to buy wheels and tires online that will deliver them mounted and balanced? I'm looking specifically for the Fuel Beast wheels, 18x9, +1mm Offset. Looks like tirerack will mount and balance but their tire selection in 33x12.50 is less than...
  16. Texas OEM Carpet floor mats 4 door

    Still available?
  17. Florida Brand new JLU carpet floor mats - $50 obo

    Still available?