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  1. Wave Snob

    i had a Gladiator start flashing his lights at me about a half mile down the road to make sure he got my attention before waving lol
  2. Bad frame welds?

    Anybody else see this?
  3. Lease Calc?

    I'm just gonna leave this right here...
  4. Paying lease payments early

    I bought a used car for my son and put a few K down on it and bought gap insurance. Two days after we bought it he was rear ended and the car was totaled. Gap insurance only covered the gap between what we owed and what the insurance paid. I didn’t get my down payment back that was just paid a...
  5. Why NOT Lease JLUR?

    It's true. It is generally cheaper to buy upfront versus leasing and buying later, especially if you plan to keep the vehicle long term. But it's also cheaper to just pay cash versus buying with a loan. The fact is, unless you want to buy used, and you are simply looking for a manageable monthly...
  6. First trail ride tomorrow...advice!

    When in 4WD the front/rear axles are on the same drive train so to speak. When turning, the wheels have to turn at different speeds. When on gravel, you'll feel them spinning a little to keep pace with each other. If you do this on pavement, then can't spin to keep up with each other, and that...
  7. April 27th Box Canyon near Florence

    Pics from the run
  8. Arizona owners - please check in!

    We are going through box canyon near Florence on Sat 4/27 in the am.
  9. April 27th Box Canyon near Florence

    ha - so they put it on backwards? hilarious. Everything still looking good for us on 4/27.
  10. April 27th Box Canyon near Florence

    *Updated date to Sat 4/27, and will be going early AM like 7 or 8 am.
  11. April 27th Box Canyon near Florence

    Looks like 4xnaz is going to do Terminator, but for anyone who wants to do something less difficult, I'm looking to go out to Box Canyon 4/27. Meeting at the turnoff from 79 onto Cottonwood Canyon Rd, driving down thru the canyon to Price Rd back to 79. *A State Trust Land permit is required to...
  12. Hard top ceiling suspension I did this one. Works just fine but is a little more work to install.
  13. Broken Arrow permit?

    we rented a Jeep years ago and drove Broken Arrow in Sedona. We rented a Jeep a few months ago and were told by the rental agency that we needed a special pass to drive broken arrow. We had so much fun a few months ago that we decided to buy our own Jeep and want to go back and do broken arrow...