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  1. Sahara 2018 JLU Sahara Factory Bumper Takeoff, Sarasota Fl

    Thank you for your interest, but due to their length and weight I am forced to offer them for local pickup only.
  2. Sahara Sold: 2018 JLU Sahara Factory Bumper Takeoff, Sarasota Fl

    Fog lights not included. Pickup only. $150...hurry, as Im pitching next week!
  3. Sahara Sold: 18" JLU Sahara Tires & Wheels for Sale (only 300 miles) Sarasota FL

    5 EACH: Mounted tires, wheels, balanced, lug nuts, locking lug nuts and lug key $950 These were removed from my 2018 Jeep Wrangler Sahara JLU with only 300 miles: The tires are five (5) Bridgestone Dueler H/T685, 255/70R18 Tires (209.99 each on Tire Rack) The wheels are five (5) 2018 Jeep...
  4. Hood alarm?

    2 days. There are several vendors. Type in Amazons search bar: "jeep wrangler jl locking hood" , you will see other offerings. Just added one set today sold by Jecar and would be delivered Sunday.
  5. Rain Gutter 'Extensions/Block'

    I placed some Plumbers Putty at the forward end of the rain gutters on the passenger and driver sides and it has been tested by rain. It will still drip/stream some on the rubber floor mats, but stopped the stream onto the seats. It is a whitish color, so I'm going to look the next time I'm at...
  6. Hood alarm?

    I'm sorry I didn't get back sooner, for some reason I did not get notification that someone responded to this thread, probably my bad! Yes, those are the ones I bought, they also come in chromed stainless. Thanks Fdisker2000 for picking up my slack!
  7. Hood alarm?

    Months old post, but I ordered black painted stainless locking latches on Amazon, easy install, $43. I also lock my doors at night.
  8. Mopar 2" Lift Kit Installation Observations

    Thank you! I really wish I knew...I measured it last week, but didn't write it down. I am positive it is more than 2", looks more like 3-4", but I honestly don't know.
  9. Mopar 2" Lift Kit Installation Observations

    I certainly appreciate your post, it was very helpful! I know more about the Jeep and suspension parts now also, have the pride of saying I did it, and lastly have some tools that I would not have if not for tackling the job myself, purchased with the money I would have had to pay someone to...
  10. Mopar 2" Lift Kit Installation Observations

    @Slim I fell into the installing of the back bump stops per the manual!!! Had to take them off today during the final spec torque process. Slim warned us, and at the time I did not see anything that would get in the way. IT DOES! Don't put the Rear Bump Stops on until After final torqueing...
  11. Mopar 2" Lift Kit Installation Observations

    I used a medium sized channel lock pliers and a small rachet wrench for the driver's side, I placed the bump stop inside the spring before installing it and it was not bad, took a little while due to lack of room to swing the wrench. THE PASSENGER SIDE! That was a pain! My helper had to drive...
  12. Mopar 2" Lift Kit Installation Observations

    Thank you very much for your generous offer and PM, I will give you a call and most likely take you up on your offer! I agree with your comments about the manual! I've looked at the torque specs page, I'm still wondering if I'll be able to piece that info together. Thanks again!