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  1. New Maximus-3 Products in the Works! Hoop & Snorkel

    Waiting on a few questions to be answered.
  2. Protection for the rear painted fenders?

    Can someone point in the right direction for protection of the painted rear fenders. I have 2 dings already (1200 miles) and also a broken windshield. Wife was like, welcome to Jeep life. My buddy (4xe) suggested running boards like he has on his. I have rock slides. Thanks in advance.
  3. Got her home today.

    Man that worked so good I put 3x.
  4. Got her home today.

    Thanks. Knew someone would know. Thanks again
  5. Got her home today.

    Very loud for that reason. Back seats belts
  6. Got her home today.

    I believe it made it worst.
  7. Got her home today.

    Help. What is the the fix for the seatbelts with the top off?They are loud. Thanks in advance
  8. Got her home today.

    Now she is topless
  9. Got her home today.

    Each tire was pushing 42 lbs. Thanks for the suggestion.
  10. Got her home today.

    Ha ha. I was letting her drive to compare to her JLUR.
  11. Got her home today.

    Ok I’ll stop now. This was my 50th birthday present to myself. The wife and son made me skydive for my birthday.
  12. 2 Door Love

    Until is rains in buckets. I was really impressed with the ride at 70. No complaints. Thanks
  13. Got her home today.

    After making the trip to Gupton, the journey home was a joy. Here is my first pic after two rain storm on the way home. Going to strip the wax tomorrow and put first round of ceramic on her.. BTW, Gupton motors was a A+.
  14. 2 Door Love

    How is the wind noise on the soft top?
  15. SNAZZBERRY Wrangler JL Club

    Difference in the ride after lifting?
  16. SNAZZBERRY Wrangler JL Club

    Is this Jeep lifted or just leveled. Looks great!