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  1. 37x12.5 on Mopar Beadlocks?

    Unfortunately, the real diameter is with BFG KO2 much smaller. I don't know why it's so much different but you can easily find the real values here at this forum. I have BFG KO2 315/70R17 which should be 34.4" but they are 33.5".
  2. 37x12.5 on Mopar Beadlocks?

    What wheels do you have? 37" BFGs have about 35.5" real diameter and they should not rub with Mopar 2" lift and something like 17x9, offset -6 wheels.
  3. Offroad Rental Recommendations

    This is copied from an e-mail I sent to Barlow Jeep Rental after they confirmed my reservation and asked for the plan: My plan looks like this: Day 1: Some of these trails near Sedona: 26. Broken Arrow 24. Soldier Pass 27. Oak Creek Homestead 23. Devils Bridge 21. Outlaw Trail 22. Greasy Spoon...
  4. Offroad Rental Recommendations

    I would strongly recommend keeping away from Barlow. Terrible experience. They confirmed my 3 day reservation first so I booked hotels etc. for me and my friends. Then they asked for a list of trails we would like to drive so I sent them the list of trails I considered and asked them for...
  5. Over the air U-Connect update never completes

    I received no warnig that the vehicle should not be driven during the update. But I still decided to use a different vehicle and let Jeep finish the update. Everything was finished after about 30 minutes without any issues. But I did not notice any changes. Does anyone know what was updated?
  6. Lake Tahoe

    You can do Kings Canyon Rd if you want something really easy with some nice views. I can recommend Barney Riley Trail near Markleeville. It's perfectly O.K. for a stock Rubicon. The first half of the trail is easy, the second part is moderate but there are a few obstacles which could be...
  7. Blind spot warning sensor

    Yes, this also happens to me every time.
  8. Winter with Blizzak DMV2 deception

    I use Blizzaks DM-V2 on my LX 570 and on my Tundra and I never had better winter tires. They are great. Maybe, there is something wrong with the size which you use on your Wrangler, maybe a bad pressure or whatever. I use BFG KO2 on my JL Rubicon and of course, in winter conditions, they are...
  9. Why did you buy a Jeep?

    It's pretty simple. I bought Rubicon, because Toyota does not import Land Cruiser 70 series to the USA. So, here in the USA, Jeep is the best value for the money if you need something for more difficult trails. It is also quite comfortable on-road which starts to be important at my age. Trying...
  10. Changing oil at the dealership - 5 or 6 qt

    Last time, while doing V41 recall at the dealership, I asked them for an oil change. Bad idea. Althoug I've seen 5 qt on the invoice, it was more than an inch above the top level on the dipstick. I had to extract more than a quart to get to the top level on the dispstick. It's November 2019, I...
  11. LED'S run too cold!

    Unfortunately, this is a known problem. This happens not only on my JL but also on my LX 570. Not a big issue for me. BTW, Lexus resolved it in 2018 models with heated LED headlights. It looks that Jeep ignores it.
  12. Urgent - Check your oil levels. Did the Jeep dealer put in 6 or 5 quarts of oil in your JL?

    It's November 2019. JL is two years in production. And guess, what happened to me today... :) I did V41 recall and asked the dealership to change the oil. I was in hurry so I did not check the oil at the dealership but after returning home. The oil level was about an inch above the upper level...
  13. Your Tire Pressure ligt is on. Call or text if you need assistance...

    "Your Tire Pressure ligt is on. Call or text if you need assistance." This is a message which I received today from my dealer. It looks that every time I go offroading, my Jeeps reports it because I need to deflate tires. It does not make any sense, especially for Jeep Wrangler and it's really...
  14. V41 recall - parts not available at any dealer in my area

    Unfortunately, there is no time. We had first snow 2 days ago on Mt Rose highway and temperatures go regularly under 40 not only on the mountain passes but also down here in the valley at night. And this is the reason why I would like to do the recall now.
  15. V41 recall - parts not available at any dealer in my area

    For more than 3 weeks I am trying to schedule an appointment for the V41 recall. But dealers do not have parts (Northern Nevada). I just receive reminders thought the app that I should do the recall as soon as possible. Believe me, I try... What's wrong? Does anyone else have the same issues...
  16. Are paddle shifters too much to ask?

    I have paddle shifters on my LX 570. Not bad but I could easily live without it. Sometimes, you need manual shifting while offroading, sometimes on steep slopes, especially in winter. Although I do not miss paddle shifters on my JLUR, I hate that the shifting is reversed compared to most other...
  17. Auto high beams

    I am looking at the 2020 Owner's manual and it really looks that it's just an updated software. There is not even an additional buton for auto high beam on/off. It's enabled at the Settings menu. It gives us a small chance that we can get updated software (or aftermarket solution) which would...
  18. full speed collision avoidance system - not working

    LOL. Actually, that's probably the worst method how you can test it. All these systems have big problems to detect non-moving objects (like also a stopped car).
  19. What is your 4wd pedigree? Prior vehicles and experience thread.

    Some of my of my many previous vehicles. These ones I owned in Europe: Hyundai Galloper (rebadged Mitsubishi Pajero) Suzuki Jimny Suzuki Samurai