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  1. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    So you're just going to leave the jack on the dining room table? :LOL:
  2. WARN JL Rubicon Winch Mount Plate and Zeon 10-S Install

    I tried to install mine without elongation them, but after quite a while and almost crossthreading a couple bolts, I took it off and ground the back holes a little bigger to get it installed. The ones that have been able to, their holes might have just been within the right tolerances to fit...
  3. How to identify an e torque engine

    Here's a thread that talks about the different pieces of the BSG (belt starter Generator) e-Torque engine. It is basically a generator that normally charges the 48 volt battery...
  4. Who makes the light bars that bold inside the windsheild?

    I think you are talking about the ones that Quadratec makes. Don't know if they are any good or not.
  5. What did you PARK NEXT to in your Jeep today?

    You saying people that drive Broncos hang out at Sally's Beauty Supply? :LOL:
  6. What did you PARK NEXT to in your Jeep today?

    Came out of BBQ the other day and this Bronco Sasquatch was parked across from me.
  7. Picture thread: My Jeep Survived That.....

    Are you hanging of the edge like that in flip-flops? That's some strange rock climbing gear if you are. LOL
  8. Tazer JL - more than just a tire size programmer!

    I had my 2.0 BSG Rubicon lose pedal a couple of times where the pedal went all the way to the floor. So, I turned the feature off because that was a little scary to me. Is that normal also or am I the only one that has had that happen? I liked the feature, but the dash lights combined with the...
  9. BRIGHT WHITE Wrangler JL Club

    Thanks. I do think it looks a little cleaner than the thick strip of black along the sides of the windshield on the white. My TJ is blue and the black doesn't standout as bad.
  10. BRIGHT WHITE Wrangler JL Club

    Have you got a picture more towards the side and maybe a little closer? I've been trying to decide if I would want to color match the A-pillar light mount to white or leave it the normal black if I can ever afford to get the KC lights. Thanks
  11. Firmware 11.2.7 + 11.2.8

    Mine, once or twice, had the pedal go to the floor too. So I turned the feature off because I figured that might end up tearing something up. I liked the feature, but not with the warning lights and loss of pedal.
  12. 2021 Pigeon Forge Jeep Invasion

    I always make a trip out to Cades Cove Jeep Outpost ( ) at the corner stop in Townsend (it is on the way to Cades Cove from Pigeon Forge on 321) when I go down there to the in-laws'. They have shirts and trinkets and also have some Jeep accessories too. Kind of like...
  13. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    I just typed them in separated by a semicolon in the vehicles field on, if that is the vehicles box you are talking about.
  14. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    And you won't stop updating it with all the modifications that you will be drawn in to adding to your Jeep. :)
  15. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    I think your meaning something like the showcase area.
  16. Firmware 11.2.7 + 11.2.8

    Thanks. I just wasn't sure if it was normal since i couldn't find anything in the instructions about it doing that. Just making sure that something wasn't triggering an error.
  17. Firmware 11.2.7 + 11.2.8

    I just got mine this past weekend. I flashed it to 11.2.8 and got it installed. When the brake hold feature kicks in at stoplights, is it supposed to ding once and flash the ABS and BRAKE lights on the cluster? Or do I have something else going on?
  18. Installing d-ring shackles on the stock steel bumpers?

    Warn makes a version of it as well. Warn Recovery Points
  19. Cheap Jeep Hacks! Show 'Em Off Here!

    I hear ya. I live in the county about 6 miles out of my hometown and my next door neighbor has a white JKU and another neighbor 4 houses down the other way has a white JLU. They both had theirs before I got my white JLUR though. There's also one other JLUR in my town of 9,000 that I never saw...