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  1. Overlanding cooking and eating utensil storage bag

    We have been happy with this one, as well as their other gear Camp kitchen if needing something smaller, blue ridge overland gear has a good set as well as step 22.
  2. What RTT is this?

    CVT Tents sells them
  3. Proximity door locks retrofit install (instructions, parts, links) on JL Wrangler

    Finished installing the kit today on a 2021 JLUR and used the tazer mini to program. Successful on all three doors, only struggle was getting my paws in the door to undo the electrical connection. Thanks everyone for this thread, it made the process straight forward.
  4. No power after rest stop. Couldn't get to highway speed on onramp.

    Also happens in this video (10:00 min mark) on the highway as well as the diesel gladiator in front of him
  5. What should I do with my fridge? Turtleback Getaway trailer.

    Here is an option for power when not connected to the trailer ARB Battery pack, more compact than competitors. Also if at camp hook to trailer and charge battery pack off trailer. When driving run a dedicated plug with higher gauged wire to the back of your Jeep to plug in. and plug the...
  6. AAL ARB Mount & Remote Kit Install - not a walk in the park but DONE!

    Nice write up, mine took an evening of planning and prepping the panel and arb plate and most of the following day wiring (of course it had to rain that day).
  7. Custom Cargo Area Lighting

    nice setup
  8. Metalcloak Sportgate Fail

    Looks like the carrier has been pulled from their website, maybe a redesign, fouts did yours get resolved?
  9. Outback Adventure Tailgate table cutting board replacement

    Agree with this, they can use the existing board as a template and use a router with a bearing to trace the new one then plane it to the right thickness.
  10. Metalcloak Sportgate Fail

    That would be correct.
  11. Metalcloak Sportgate Fail

    Well to close the loop on this, I had a couple conversations with Metalcloak. My situation was a bit convoluted cause I had just bought there lift and had issues with what was packaged with it and had some back and forth on it to get is corrected (took a full week and a few deliveries to get it...
  12. Ophir and Imogene Pass Colorado

    We are going to attempt to get up there mid week right before that weekend, wanted to pass along a heads up, there is a land cruiser convention that weekend, so just be prepared for crowds
  13. Metalcloak Sportgate Fail

    Thanks for posting this, will be calling tomorrow and if they confirm this change I will be canceling my order.
  14. How Can We Help?

    Benny, Is there a different code available for forum member discount? Thanks.
  15. What brands do the better shops use for window tint?

    Xpel, also have them put the clear on the other windows for the UV protection. May not be as essential in NJ as it is in AZ but it made a huge difference here.