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  1. Bestop Install - Removal

    That’s awesome! You will definitely enjoy the top
  2. Bestop Install - Removal

    I have the trek top and I swap it every summer. It’s not as hard to do once you do the initial install. Just a heads up, I saw on the bestop website that you have to order home installation at time of purchase. Not after. Not sure if this will affect your plans or not.
  3. Shipping!! Finally!

    Not positive, but from what I saw in the lot they were mixed with a ton of different models. I saw a lot of nacho colored Jeep’s too. I love that color. It’s nice they are bringing it back.
  4. Shipping!! Finally!

    Does the 4xe have blue tow hooks with blue accents? I have a Chrysler factory here in Belvidere Illinois that builds Cherokees. I drove by it yesterday for work and saw 100s of new wranglers in the parking lots. Most of them had these blue tow hooks. I’m guessing they get sent here as a...
  5. Electronics problems?

    I have a habit of every time I start my Jeep I automatically hit the disable ess button. It just comes naturally now. Can’t really help you with the other issues you listed.
  6. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I ended up buying the Mopar satin black grille which doesn’t come with the outer edge trim pieces attached. I had to purchase those separately and get those painted. Just for reference, the jl sport has a one piece grille with the outer edge built into it. The Sahara and rubicon model grilles...
  7. 2021 Unlimited Factory Tint Hue

    I’m curious what level your back windows are at. It is possible to add another light layer to them to possibly match better. I think the guy who did mine told me that the 20% front would be darker than my rear windows. That’s why I did 32%
  8. 2021 Unlimited Factory Tint Hue

    I ended up getting my fronts at 32%. I think it matches really well and I figured if the front was a little bit lighter than the back it wouldn’t be as bad as the opposite.
  9. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I think it was for the 305 Special Edition Sport jl. Whatever that one is. Your lucky I had to get mine painted
  10. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    82216413AA Search this part number. I’m pretty sure they sell the surrounding grille pieces in white.
  11. Changing out the grill inserts and fog light bezels

    I know this is really late, but no you can’t remove that. It’s all part of the bumper cover.
  12. Bestop Trektop Ultra for JL - now available for Pre-Order!

    Do you ever plan on releasing this in the black diamond material?
  13. Floor mats - factory or aftermarket?

    I had weather tech mats in my old Jeep and they started to warp. I decided to try the Mopar ones this time around, and I love them!
  14. Bartact Seat covers order issue

    Awesome! Good to hear. Enjoy!
  15. Mopar Satin Grille for Jeep Wrangler

    Ohhh, nice! I was about to say you shouldn’t need to paint anything with the rubicon grille. lol
  16. Mopar Satin Grille for Jeep Wrangler

    You have a rubicon though right?
  17. Mopar Satin Grille for Jeep Wrangler

    Originally I ordered the matching paint from quadratecs website and decided to paint it myself. I did not like the way it turned out at all. Color matched, but it’s hard to replicate the clear coat look and feel. I called around and finally found a shop that was willing to paint them for me. I...
  18. Bartact Seat covers order issue

    Definitely sounds frustrating! Im always checking for package updates (especially on Jeep stuff I order). I’m betting they are having some issues with all the Covid stuff going on still. When I first decided to order these I called first, and one of the owners actually answered and was amazing...
  19. Mopar Satin Grille for Jeep Wrangler

    I have a sport and ordered the satin grille. Like everyone said, you have to order the trim molding separate and paint it. Love the way it turned out though!