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  1. Pooping...the least talked about overlanding topic

    Lol 😂 I thought it was pretty self explanatory....
  2. Pooping...the least talked about overlanding topic

    Bucket, screw top bucket lid, pool noodle, garbage bags.
  3. New Jeep Uncertainty?

    If you don't want to settle why aren't you doing a factory order from one if the volume discount dealers recommend to you on the first page? You'll get exactly what you want for 4-7% under invoice. You just have to wait 3-6 weeks to get it!
  4. Washington LOD Signature Series Sliders JLU 4 Door $400 Firm

    These still available? I'm seriously tempted to return the ones I ordered and pick these up from you. Plus I'm one town over!
  5. Washington Teraflex Alpha HD Tire Carrier

    Is the license plate bracket still available?
  6. Caution: Broken Body Mount Bolt When Installing Frame Mount Rock Sliders / Rails / Sidesteps

    My JCR rock sliders are getting delivered this week and they tie into three body mount bolts as well as the stick rock rail connections. What's the consensus on removing the body mount bolts? Heat them up and use an electric impact? Heat and manual wrench? Impact only? Drop off at 4Wheel...
  7. How's your JL handling the Pacific NW heatwave?

    I hope so! Our local wine maker was only able to get about 10% of his crop on his property in Snoqualmie in last year.
  8. Traction Off Road - 17x9 Friction Double Beadlocks

    Can you make some that are half price and no insert? 😬 They look great hope you sell a lot!
  9. Best service department near Bellevue/Seattle?

    So they all suck equally?
  10. Took Jeep down a side-by-side trail today

    They don't care you're driving in a stream?
  11. StripperCon buildish thread

    Well looks like this is going to be an almost all Next Venture build! Ordered an Adventure series front and Rimrocker rear bumpers in steel. Had several emails with them and determined the steel bumpers are about 40-50# heavier and way cheaper! So I went with those over aluminum and plan to gets...
  12. Washington Trails Meetup & Run

    Did you take the Naches trail over? I'm about to order bumpers, sliders and winch and looking forward to getting out there again!
  13. Best service department near Bellevue/Seattle?

    Who's the best dealer for servicing your Jeep here in Seattle metro area? Preferably Eastside, maybe even as far as Ellensburg if they were really good. Planning on using all my jeep wave services and also probably buying an extended warranty from Mopar.
  14. Long Hair, Don't Care (but need some tips)

    Do they like having the windows down now or do you get yelled at? If no, you're fucked! 😳 🍺😬🍺
  15. How's your JL handling the Pacific NW heatwave?

    I took the rear windows out Sunday morning and then quickly put them back in! Too hot! Sunday and Monday when it was 110*+ the AC struggled to keep up in my soft top, wasn't terrible buy not great. Yesterday in the mid 90'd it was night and day difference, I didn't even have to have it on max...
  16. Colorado LOD Signature series rock Sliders (like new) - JLU $450

    Would you consider shipping them? I'm at zip 98045
  17. StripperCon buildish thread

    Behold! My bike rack will now close and is locked to the Yeep. Still need to drill a hole in the hitch for the locking anti rattle hitch pin though. I really wanted to return this stuff and get a swing arm but my phone bricked itself today, so new phone instead of swing arm. Also...
  18. StripperCon buildish thread

    It's super cool, but blowing my mod budget up!
  19. StripperCon buildish thread

    Who says I don't? 🤣
  20. StripperCon buildish thread

    Well I do have two keys! I also have to admit it'll probably be worth $45 for a new fob that's easier to out together when the battery needs replacement!