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  1. Oregon Swap Black Grille for Sting Gray

    I could be interested in this swap....
  2. Florida Pulsar Module 3.6

    and now?
  3. Borla cat back touring vs S

    I installed the climber touring. As noted, my intake is louder than the exhaust. Also as noted it rubs the under body above the axle, had to protect the area with a muffler wrap. Overall no drone and I noticed an immediate power up difference. Later I removed the loop pipe and added the aFe Y...
  4. Borla cat back touring vs S

    I have the touring on a 2020 JLU manual. No drone at any speed. My intake is louder than the exhaust. One problem I found is that it sits super close to the under body around the tail pipe / “trunk” area. So much so that it touched a non protected area of the underbody. I added a bit of muffler...
  5. H.E.R.O. Hood - TOTL Innovations

    Has anyone installed this hood with an aftermarket intake? If so.. how's the fit? Intake brand? Pics? Any rubbing?
  6. California Teraflex 1.75in Wheel Spacers (Offset Adapter Kit)

    Used for about 5k miles. I never had an issues with them. Retail at $110 for a pair . Looking for $150 for all 4. Shipping may be problematic - they are not light.
  7. California 2020 Sport Headlights and Fog Lights

    Make me an offer. Willing to ship if you'd like. Absolutely no issues with these. Replaced for LEDs around 3k to 5k miles (don't remember).
  8. California 33in Nitto Ridgeline less than 200 miles

    $100. Was the spare, rotated on for about 300 miles before I upgraded to 35s. Located in the Sacramento area.
  9. California Stock 2020 Sport tires & rims 30 miles $250 OBO

    Take em! A whole 30 miles on these, 0 on the 5th. Located in Sacramento area.
  10. Teraflex Track Bars, Who’s had no issue on your JL?

    I have the Teraflex IR track bar which rotates along it’s horizontal axis as in the video posted. I called Teraflex, their response: They hear this compliant a lot. The bar was “engineered” to do this. They have replacement bushings to stop it from doing this. I call BS as 2 and 3 can’t both...
  11. California 33" Nitto Ridge Grappler 285/70R17 $125

    I've only got one tire available now.
  12. California Trackbar

    I've got a Teraflex Alpine IR Front Adjustable Track Bar, about 5k miles on it. However, it's doing what this video is showing. Yours if you want it though. .
  13. Anyone installed the new Teraflex front trackbar...?

    I noticed what may be an issue described by the folks here. Found a really good example of it - . Is anyone else seeing this with a Teraflex track bar? It's causing a clunk noise when I turn left or go over any sort of bump. There is only 5k miles on this track bar, overall my Jeep has 6.3k...
  14. JLU audio build

    This is insane and I love every minute of it. I have an Infinity BassLink SM 2 mounted under the driver's seat. Inside the open cab it definitely makes an impact. What you have here is something special.
  15. Wiring Nerd Thread

    I have done this. I had to put the window down slightly to open it up. I was able to get 2 10 gauge wires through there easily. From there they routed down the main door pillar behind the molding. I didn't have to take any of the dash off. I was trying to run the wires through the speaker area...
  16. Undisclosed Wheel spacers

    I'm about to have 4 Teraflex spacers available.. would need to measure the spacing. If you're interested DM me. I'll let them go cheap.
  17. Maine Steel Mopar rims wanted (5)

    I have a set of 5 black OEM rims from a 2020 Sport. I am in California.
  18. Connecticut WTB Halogen Headlight Housings

    I've got a set of these. Took them out of my 2020 Wrangler Sport. I'm in California...
  19. California 33" Nitto Ridge Grappler 285/70R17 $125

    I have 1 285/70R17 (33in) Nitto Ridge Grappler with less than 1k miles on it. Asking $125. I am a very motivated seller. I'm located near Sacramento, CA.