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  1. Driver seat lowering bracket?

    Haven’t been on here for a while. Was gonna get the JL a couple years ago but I just couldn’t pull the trigger. I’m 6’5” with a long torso so I had to bring the seat forward to not hit my head on the frame. But was still too close to the roof. About an inch of space. (If I hit a bump I’d...
  2. 38” Tires fit and they are awesom!!

    Without the gear in the back do you think you would have still had any inner fender issues? Are you using spacers on your wheels?
  3. 38” Tires fit and they are awesom!!

    I love the stance of your Wrangler but it doesn’t look like it has space for a lot of suspension travel did it rub on the trails?
  4. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    Has anyone seen a Sting Grey wrangler with bronze wheels? I can’t decide if this would look good or terrible?
  5. Taking off some doors

    I know everyone is free to do whatever they want but on an Inlimited has anyone taken off just the front doors. Or just the back doors? Does it look rediculous? Do you get that annoying wind buffeting? I ask cause I have a 3 year old son and I’m not sure I’m ready to drive high speeds or long...
  6. Any recommendations for good dealer in OC?

    I emailed HB Jeep just to get a feel for what I might expect from their sales tactics. They are advertising 10% off MSRP on “purchases” I told them I would be interested in leasing and they told me “the discount on purchases was from the dealer but FCA determines the selling price for a lease.”...
  7. Motortrend says 2019 JL 'may' receive a new special-edition model

    Am I missing something? Doesn’t the Sahara have the same 3.45 gearing as the sport?
  8. Rubicon JLU Front Seat Covers with MOLLE Uncovered?

    Noob question. What is the MOLLE system?
  9. JL FOB Holsters

    Sadly I had to get rid of that car years ago. Miss the car. Don’t miss the key. Lol
  10. JL FOB Holsters

    Very cool! The key fob is pretty damn big. But it can’t be as bad as the 04-07 Pontiac GTO keys were. At least the Jeep key folds into the fob. Lol!
  11. Extended Seat Options

    Plus aren’t the side airbags mounted in the seats? If the seats are lowered so are the airbags
  12. Order Cancelled - Waiting Things Out

    I see the issues some people are having and it makes me hesitant too but they do seem to be pretty small percentages. I hate (and this is for everything now not just vehicle) that everything seems to be released in a “beta” status. Companies seem to take the approach of “everything seems fine...
  13. AH! I can’t friggin decide!

    So yes the Rubicon is a Wrangler on steroids. But if I’m not going to be doing any kind of off-roading that the skid plates and rock rails will be utilized is it still worth having? (The Rubicon) the axles and driveshafts are beefier. But the sports axles and driveshafts aren’t fragile are they...
  14. AH! I can’t friggin decide!

    Except if I want bigger tires I’m gonna have to re-gear. That’d be about $2000 just in that. I just see math equations and dollar signs floating around the room. Lol!
  15. AH! I can’t friggin decide!

    I can afford the difference in price. But the extra couple hundred dollars a month is appealing. I’m not gonna order one I’m gonna buy off the lot. I’m open to colors and a few options so I shouldn’t have trouble finding one I like.
  16. AH! I can’t friggin decide!

    Why does being out west make a difference? (Not trying to be argumentative)
  17. AH! I can’t friggin decide!

    The bigger brakes is appealing to me but the high line fenders don’t make much sense to me. I know they allow for more clearance but, and correct me if I’m wrong, there is no difference in the wheel well of the sport and rubicon. Both fenders mount in the same place they just go higher on the...
  18. AH! I can’t friggin decide!

    I have changed my mind from Rubicon to Sport S about 27,000 Times in the past week. I’m losing my mind! The sport will do everything I want it to do. I’ve never gone wheeling and I know once I have a Jeep I will. I don’t see myself crawling over anything taller than a foot. I’m not gonna go to...