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  1. Who is using the PAC interface on a 7" successfully?

    the PAC is plagued with challenges unless 'perfectly' installed. It has possible issues with certain hardware, requires wiring perfection, and still yields mediocre results. I really just don't understand why someone would pick this over a DSR1 or a JL Fix 86.... heck - speaker level inputs...
  2. Who is using the PAC interface on a 7" successfully?

    It would be great to know more about 'your research'. At least on the Jeeps, there have been many, many complaints of the PAC harness causing a super annoying hum. I haven't read anything about a DSR1 causing a Hum. The DSR1 has a DSP built in it. Honestly, it's not even a fair...
  3. Who is using the PAC interface on a 7" successfully?

    Correct. Amps are Audiocontrol LC800.1 and LC1200.6. Focal speakers. JL 12" sub. No hum. Frankly, the weak point is the uConnect head unit. It's really not great.
  4. Who is using the PAC interface on a 7" successfully?

    I used the fosgate DSR1 to integrate. Mine works flawlessly.
  5. How do you remove the arm rest key barrel?

    Start disassembling from the underside and transfer your existing one over. It only takes 5-10 minutes per unit. Small screws. take your time.
  6. JLU stereo upgrade Height10/Arc Audio build

    how about a youtube video of the UX built into the head unit? How is it navigating menu to menu? Radio/HD radio controls? CarPlay integration? Looks great! I've heard it's a very well priced option compared to the Alpine.
  7. Aux switches 1 and 2 tied together?

    Considering they had to disassemble the electrical box, and I didn't dive in there - I don't know what I could have possibly done. Those aux switches are meant to hook up 12v products to. All I tried to do was wire up lighting. If there were any issues with my wiring, I would have imagined...
  8. Aux switches 1 and 2 tied together?

    I thought I'd circle back on this, after getting the Jeep to the dealer for a few days. The tech confirmed the continuity across circuits 1 and 2. Somewhere on the downstream side of the fuse/relay in the box, the wires are shrink wrapped. Somewhere, things melted, and cross shorted 1 and 2...
  9. RUBICON RECON Edition JL Club Thread

    My favorite parts: 1) Sky 1 touch is awesome. 2) The 2.0 turbo is a stout little motor. To answer your question - the recline loop is not red.
  10. Satellite radio ‘acquiring signal’ issue...

    Update on this issue... If you install a MORE dead pedal, make sure you don't pinch the GPS/satellite antenna cable. It's the little, thin wire that runs down the dash on the driver's side. <my fault>
  11. Aux switches 1 and 2 tied together?

    I wanted to update this thread.... My aux switches/electrical panel boxes have some sort of a short across the switch 1 and switch 2 lanes. Like there's solder on the board that connects the 2. The 40 amp fuse are on the outboard side of the relay. Even with zero power, I can get...
  12. Aux switches 1 and 2 tied together?

    I have a weird situation I am trying to wire up a pair of Baja LP6's to switch 1, and a pair of LP4's to switch 2. What I'm finding is that it appears that Aux Switch 1 and 2 both get powered up when I turn on one of the switches (doesn't matter which). Like, they are tied together? Is...
  13. Satellite radio ‘acquiring signal’ issue...

    Satellite radio worked on Saturday, but stopped getting a signal today. 2 months in a 12 month trial on our 2020 with the 7 inch. i was installing the more dead pedal on the drivers side Sunday morning..... does anyone know if the satellite antenna wire is over there? gremlins or did I do it?
  14. Upgrading non-Alpine Audio

    You can go mild to wild here. The 7" screen (or likely the 5" for that matter) have 4 channels of output. They are likely all full range. You need a simple LOC (like an Audio Control LC2) to grab a signal and make it usable. I'd recommend grabbing the rear signals behind the head unit...
  15. RUBICON RECON Edition JL Club Thread

    Figured I better jump in with another granite Recon! Picked up in May... Projects are coming along nicely. Swapped out the wheels for Venomrex Flow Forged 20's with 35" Patagonias Full audio build is here:
  16. RUBICON RECON Edition JL Club Thread

    Awesome! Paul is a great guy! Hope you enjoyed a brief time in crazy Seattle.
  17. RUBICON RECON Edition JL Club Thread

    Is that magnetic gray, black leather, 7” screen, and no safety packages? That was my replacement Recon if so! Great spec!
  18. **ALL NEW** LOD Offroad Armor Lite Rock Sliders - Coming Soon!!!

    @lodoffroad Do you have to buy the small steps and the larger step if you want all in one? The Northridge YouTube video shows that the larger step overlayed on the two smaller? So, I would need the base package ($1079). And then the smaller steps ($179), and then the larger step ($152)...
  19. **ALL NEW** LOD Offroad Armor Lite Rock Sliders - Coming Soon!!!

    Tack on 300 bucks for skids and steps... you are at $1400 (plus tax). Wow.