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  1. South Florida represent

    Wiring up my new winch this weekend. Anywhere to go play other than Corbetts?
  2. JLUS Bulb Type

    Quick question for those that know. I need some help determining what the bulb type is for my DRL and Turn Signals are. I’ve been told they are 3157 and 7443 but can’t get a confirmation one way or the other. I’m wanting to order some LEDs to replace the stock halogen bulbs, but each place I...
  3. South Florida represent

    Sounds good
  4. South Florida represent

    Never been, but I'm down. Do we need a permit or anything to access it?
  5. South Florida represent

    So am I. Any suggestions in the area?
  6. South Florida represent

    I am open to where ever. No particular place in mind, just want to get out and ride some trails finally.
  7. South Florida represent

    Anyone in SFL want to meet up and get the Jeeps dirty next Saturday the 13th?
  8. JL Stubby bumper with fog/led, winch, with grill protection?

    I do know that RC's powder coating process and durability exceeds the normal standards for powder coating protection, so I am not worried about that. They are engineered and built in the USA, so it's not foreign materials either. I have a few products from RC on my Jeep and everything so far has...
  9. JL Stubby bumper with fog/led, winch, with grill protection?

    This is the stubby bumper I’m going with from rough country
  10. South Florida represent

    When and where? I have yet to find anything to get into.
  11. South Florida represent

    Yes. I have had my jeep for just over a month now and have yet to take it offroad.
  12. Wrangler Unlimited Stickers

    Do you know which guy?
  13. Show off your Delivered JL Here!

    3.5” lift and 35”x12.50”x18” tires
  14. Wrangler Unlimited Stickers

    Has anyone replaced or know where to get the side Wrangler Unlimited stickers in different colors? Mine are white and wanting to replace them with black
  15. Show off your Delivered JL Here!

    Finally got my JLUS! Took it straight to the shop to have the lift and tires installed.
  16. WTS: JLUS 5 Tires and Wheels

    New set of 5 tires and wheels off my JLUS for sale. $1,000. Located in South Florida.
  17. ORDER TRACKING for your Jeep Wrangler

    My Jeep has arrived at the dealer! We will be heading up there Saturday to pick it up.
  18. JLU AMP Powerstep?

    From my understanding, amp and bestop are the same product. I was told they were once the same company and then split, but the steps are supposed to be identical. This is what I have been told from a local shop that deals with both.