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  1. Best LED Headlight Recommendations

    I've had the Oracle Oculus for over two years now...still working as well as they did on day one! We'll probably get a set for my wife's Gladiator next.
  2. Steve's Blue Rubi Build

    Will do! Right now my steering wheel is slightly off towards passenger and I haven't measured the toe yet. I'm gonna install the new Drag Link and Tie Rod this weekend then I'll probably take it somewhere to have it all aligned.
  3. Steve's Blue Rubi Build

    Seems like it's optional with only a two inch lift. But I read some other posts and saw some videos on how it's important to maintain the factory angle (geometry) on the axle and control arms if you're staying with the Mopar/Jeep control arms. I think you're probably okay without them but I...
  4. Steve's Blue Rubi Build

    Thanks guys! The crew at my local store was awesome! Once they got the new wheels in they called me and fit me in right away.
  5. Frubicon Ocean Blue Build

    Awesome! My wife and I have the same colored Jeeps in our driveway!!
  6. Steve's Blue Rubi Build she is!! Mopar 2" Lift with the Fox Shocks Rancho front and rear adjustable track bars. Rancho control arm relocation brackets. Rock Krawler rear track bar relocation bracket. Fox TS Steering Stabilizer. A few install photos. Did everything in my garage with a few jack...
  7. Any high mileage 6 speed manual JL's out there?

    2019 JLUR with 31,000 miles. No issues with the manual transmission yet...has the recalls done and they didn't find anything there either.
  8. JL Wrangler Manual Transmission - 2nd Gear Disengagement (Popping Out of Gear)

    Interesting....I have a 2019 JLUR manual 30,000 miles and have not experienced this issue 🤔. I'll keep you guys posted if anything changes. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Steve's Blue Rubi Build

    They did a good job with the two they could mount but looked like three of the wheels needed to go back. They were very apologetic and showed me as soon as they figured it out so I wasn't sitting there for hours. Wasn't their fault. Its all good, just have to wait a bit longer. Thanks for...
  10. Mopar lift not bowing on driver side

    I installed my Mopar kit with the supplied lower isolators and it turned out fine. I have just a slight bow on each side like it shows in the instructions. From what I read, you needed those Rock Krawler correction pads with the previous Mopar kits.
  11. Steve's Blue Rubi Build

    That looks awesome! That's a nice build you got there! I went back and forth between the Fuel Trophy and the Anza wheels and ultimately went with the Trophys cause they were able to get them in I thought lol. I installed the lift already but I'm waiting to post pics until I get the...
  12. Steve's Blue Rubi Build

    Well, I went to get my wheels & tires installed today and ended up with just a new spare lol. Apparently the manufacturer misdrilled the holes for the valve stems on three of the wheels...this is just my luck 🤨. The spare looks really nice though lol! Went with the Fuel Trophy wheels 17/8.5...
  13. Steve's Blue Rubi Build

    Hey guys, hope all are well! Been away for awhile. This new way of living has been quite the challenge but we're all making it through. Anyway wanted to get back to my build and give an update on some other things that have happened here recently. So my wife always loved driving my Blue Rubi...
  14. Michigan 2019 JLUR Take off Suspension

    Yeah I can meet halfway to Cleveland. I'm just north of Toledo. What do you think, like Sandusky area??
  15. Michigan Sold: 2019 JLUR Take off Suspension

    2019 Wrangler JLUR 3.6L take off suspension. Has just over 30,000 miles on it. Pick up in the Southeast Michigan area, I'll meet at a reasonable distance <100 miles. See pics for spring part numbers, one front spring was missing the tag. All parts in good working condition, just removed to...
  16. Steve's Blue Rubi Build

    Thanks! You guys made a fine product with an easy install! I have friends who replaced their factory LEDs with these as well.
  17. Baja Designs: Plug and Play - Jeep JL Fog Pocket Kits

    Thanks for the response! The old halogen LED foglights bolted right into this new bumper. So I assume the ones for the plastic rubicon bumper will work.
  18. Steve's Blue Rubi Build

    Thanks man! Good luck making that choice lol those are all awesome looking side steps! I might switch to the ROAMS sometime down the line but I really like these too. Way too many choices.
  19. Steve's Blue Rubi Build

    Glad it worked out for you! Thanks for taking them off my hands! My wife was just happy to get them out of the garage lol.
  20. Steve's Blue Rubi Build

    Half installed the Morimoto XB LED Sequential Turn Signals. Just wanted to be able to see the difference (and make sure they work right). I read a few threads where they worked for people right out of the box. This was NOT the case for me. They didnt work at all until I used the Tazer to change...