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  1. Would you order a new Jeep Now?

    Answering the original question, if you really want a JL and don't mind paying a premium, then order and wait out the delivery delays inherent to today's product shortages. You will likely wait longer than those who ordered 6 months ago, but you will have your rig. I don't think "left over...
  2. Bang like a Brick Landing on the Roof

    With regard to the noise while turning, see A quick adjustment to the ball joint castle nuts solved problem
  3. Clicking noise when turning.

    After third trip to dealer where I said “customer states, torque the f’ing castle nuts”, they finally did and the clicking noise is gone. Great to see the solution but [email protected]&$sed that it took 3 visits for them to get it right…,
  4. Clicking noise when turning.

    I went to my dealer with this issue. I showed them the thread that identified the ball joint crown nuts. They said they checked everything and couldn’t find anything. It doesn’t look like they did anything to the ball joint nut torquing, and of course I still have the clicking noise (see...
  5. Backup Camera issue

    After the OTA update, Just wanted to report after over a week my lines have not disappeared! Good news! Not so good news- I am getting proximity phantom alerts that I believe are due to the spare tire positioning. I have noticed on hot days that I get the alerts, but on cooler days I do not...
  6. Backup Camera issue

    Still have the lines! I now I have some new phantom proximity alerts - will have to check placement of spare. Maybe the update increased sensor sensitivity.
  7. Backup Camera issue

    App version. I previously posted the software version as 21.18.14
  8. Backup Camera issue

    My update was 39.62.0
  9. Backup Camera issue

    Applied the update last night. Had lines this morning, but obviously too early to tell if the update had any long term impact. I will report back in a week, or earlier if the lines disappear
  10. Backup Camera issue

    Just got a UConnect update notice on my 2021 Rubicon. Maybe this is it!
  11. Recommended Dealers List

    Put in order 4/29; picked up 6/4. Given shortages of new vehicles, not surprised. I wonder if waiting out the chip shortage and/or MY turnover would cause them to go back to regular discounts? Unless you are in a hurry…
  12. New Jersey JL Premium Soft top with hardware - used two summers - asking $1200

    I have a Mopar OEM soft top and a Top Lift Pro. If someone is willing to buy both, I will offer great deal!
  13. New Jersey JL Premium Soft top with hardware - used two summers - asking $1200

    yes - still available with tinted windows and window bag ( Mopar)
  14. Recommended Dealers List

    FWIW, NY state law limits doc fee to$75. I purchased at Suresky in Goshen through Alex - 20 min above NJ border for 3% below invoice. Worth considering.
  15. Backup Camera issue

    I wrote to @JeepCares but don't seem to be getting any response. Same problem with brand new 2021 JLUR. JeepCares last week -could you please respond to my PM?
  16. Backup Camera issue

    When you do this reset do you lose any settings?