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  1. Wrangler JL Snow Plow?

    Looks like a nice setup. How does that connect to the front of the Jeep?
  2. Wrangler JL Snow Plow?

    Thank you I appreciate your advice!
  3. Wrangler JL Snow Plow?

    Thanks for your reply. I have a fairly large snow blower, around 30 or 32 in. can't remember, but recently purchased a home with a long driveway and circular driveway. I feel this will take forever with a snow blower and a plow would be my next step.
  4. Wrangler JL Snow Plow?

    Personal use for my own driveway. Won't be doing anything commercially with it.
  5. Wrangler JL Snow Plow?

    Hello all, Sorry if this is not the right section for this I wasn't sure. I am looking to get a snow plow for my JL Unlimited for the coming winter. I was wondering if anyone knew of a compatible model? I have seen the Meyer HomePlow which requires a front receiving hitch but did not see any...
  6. Lights around USB and Lighter Ports not working?

    So last night, a few hours after I posted this, all the lights and the USB ports are working. There must bee a loose connection somewhere so I will eventually be bringing it into the dealership.
  7. Lights around USB and Lighter Ports not working?

    If someone could also share a picture of how their USB ports look when the car is on that might be helpful as well so I can show to dealer if I end up needing to bring it in. Thanks!
  8. Lights around USB and Lighter Ports not working?

    Hello all, My USB 2 port stopped working earlier and when I started to fiddle with it, it eventually began working again, I noticed that all the lights around my USB ports and lighter ports don't seem to be lighting up. I tried turning the headlights on/off, checking the dash dimmers up/down...
  9. Canopy/Awning with Soft Top?

    Yeah, it seems to be the one downside of the soft top, can't support anything. Was hoping maybe someone came up with a canopy solution that would still allow me to put the top up and down .
  10. Canopy/Awning with Soft Top?

    Saw it on here:
  11. Canopy/Awning with Soft Top?

    Hello all, I just saw some footage of a canopy/awning that was installed on a gladiator build and thought that is an awesome option to add to my JL 4 door if possible. Image below of what I am looking for. Does anyone know if something like this currently on the market for the JL? If so...
  12. Backup Camera issue

    I update to the latest version a few days ago and my camera screen went blank today as well. I have noticed some weird software glitches with overlapping windows when the software is starting up as well since the update. I check using the link you gave to make sure my software is up to date...
  13. Gap in Soft Top

    Mine has the same gap as well. It is not the windows not being snapped fully. The gap is coming from how the posts are sitting on the corners.
  14. Rear window rattling

    Yeah, reading back it was silly but I was kinda think more of how and where they applied the silicon spray. But it doesn't matter anyway since I also didn't realize you were talking about the hardtop. Thanks anyway though!
  15. Rain Noise @ Firewall

    I heard this for the first time today while driving. Whenever the car was moving, no matter the speed, the noise started. At a stand still it completely went away.
  16. Rear window rattling

    I am having this issue with the rear driver side window on my soft top. I went to the dealer and they replaced the plastic door trim for the soft top on the driver side. Problem has lessened but still there. What exactly did your dealer do to stop it?
  17. Soft top window storage

    Further update on my quest for a storage bag. I heard back from my dealer who is unable to order the bag but did find an item number. I called Mopar who told me to call Jeep, I called Jeep who told me to contact Mopar. I then Contacted Jeep Wave Care who told me there is nothing they can do or...
  18. Sun shade for JL Wrangler

    Can you order the jtops shade without the slit in the middle? I don't own a hardtop.
  19. Soft top window storage

    I have contacted jeep wave, Mopar, and jeep support and no one can seem to locate a model number or give any information on the window storage bag. My dealership is trying to find out more information but nothing yet.