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  1. (non) off-road shaming - why?

    Maybe after they bash their ride and a rock, they are forced to tell everybody that damage is cool, chicks dig scars, bad is good, and my beautiful blue rubi, isn’t cool cause it’s all shiny, clean, and has mega resell value.
  2. Bronco Addition Pricing

    Well if you think about it, bronco came and went. At some point Ford kept messing with it till they couldn’t sell the, anymore. Then they built and even dumber version called a bronco II. What a crap box. Jeep on the other hand, keeps cranking them out. Bronco like everything else Ford...
  3. Giveaway!!! KC all NEW Cyclone V2 LED 6-Light ROCK LIGHT KIT

    Gimmie gimme! I love KC. And I’m not afraid to pander…..
  4. Protection for the rear painted fenders?

    3m paint protection film is awesome and you buy it in rolls of different widths and lengths on Amazon. I use it for all my vehicle in high impact areas. Areas like the door edges, and the thresholds where people hit the paint with their feet. I did the area around the tub, where the hardtop...
  5. Only A Jeep Could Self-Steer Out Of This Trouble

    a true trusty steed Hi-yo Silver! And away!
  6. Jeeps and water don't always mix

    Those doors ,are lot tough than I thought. I assumed the strap would have crushed the window arches into the roll bar

    For the price difference in the bronco vs Jeep, you could always supercharge your 3.6
  8. Tub Rail Trim

    I used 3m auto film on those rails. I have had enough Jeep’s to know that those rails are a high rub area and will scratch up and look like crap very quickly. Do your self a favor and put 3m film on alll this types of areas. Foot wells, under door handles, along the top of the tailgate, etc….
  9. Newly Identified Jeep Problem!

    So I was driving along minding my own business today, when a new problem manifested itself. This is a serious problem that could impact any wrangler driver! I didn’t notice it until I head a text come through the radio system via Bluetooth. When I attempted to get my phone out of my pocket...
  10. Fell in the love then had slight heart break

    jelly Bean traps could be hilarious and varied in their delivery. Can you buy E. coli is a powder form?
  11. Jeep Wave Renewal

    The online app shows the price, you have to ask them about wave and they will waive the price.
  12. Train Horn Yay or Nay?

    So on my old tj I had an extra loud horn that I mounted under the fender with the funnel facing forward and unblocked my sheet metal. It wasn’t and air horn just an extra loud horn. It was fun, but I blew it at a lady changing lanes into me and scared her so bad she ran off the road Trying...
  13. Door nets recommendations?

    y your not! I learn with past vehicles to put 3m protective film all around the door handles As my wife and kids apparently have sand paper hands.
  14. Door nets recommendations?

    Off the subject a bit, but why do the wives and kids always step on and rest there feet on the easily scratched up plastic door opening panels rather than the daggum floor mats?
  15. Got my Vaccine....And a VERY Cool Experience!

    its legit, that’s the same abandon sams club that was in the news when the recounted the Georgia election votes there. wait a minute, I AM starting to suspect some kind of funny business......
  16. Got my Vaccine....And a VERY Cool Experience!

    Got mine in an abandoned Sam’s club in a bad part of town. I didn’t drive the Jeep......
  17. This is why you shouldnt buy stuff on ebay

    just use your dremel tool to smooth out the scratches. Pay be a PITA but easier than returning.
  18. Going topless and not have anything stolen

    Thieves are looking for easy targets. you cant secure anything against the determined low life peace of crap, but you can hide it from them. be clever and conceal your goodies, hide the amp, build a secure cargo box over the woofer, etc... concealment is king.