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  1. How important are heated seats to you?

    Heated seats are a must have, the heated steering wheel is new for me and I've been using it a lot the past week or two; I live in the Northeast and open the Sunrider whenever possible.
  2. Jeep App Maintanance Info Issue

    Same, I noticed in the last week or two the app fails to load my maintenance records. Too bad too, I thought it would be very convenient since I always have my phone on me, but not the binder on the garage shelf…back to the binder method.
  3. What's the best thing you ordered on your Wrangler

    I don't think I can pick one best option, perhaps the best thing was the opportunity to order exactly* what I wanted. Cold weather package Limited slip rear diff 6spd manual Hard top Tow package w/aux switches Hydro blue LED headlights *Unfortunately Selec-Trac is not available w/the manual...
  4. Hitch Bike Rack recommendations?

    No hitch extension here, and no clearance issues; unless you mean specific to 35" tires, which I can't speak to.
  5. Hitch Bike Rack recommendations?

    Big thumbs up for the 1up 2” Heavy Duty Double, I’ve been using it for several months now. After reading here, I bought the reverse mounting plate option to ensure no clearance issues with the stock Sahara spare. I bought 2 add on trays too to haul our family of four’s bikes, with wheels as...
  6. Rattle at 3k rpm with A/C on?

    I quickly skimmed the other rattle threads and didn’t see anything like this already posted. I have a 6spd manual 2021 JLU, and have noticed with regularity whenever the A/C compressor is on (A/C button light is on), as I accelerate through ~2800 - 3000 rpm there is a rattle from the lower...
  7. 35s on stock Sahara 18 inch wheels?

    Bestop Sunrider. Highly recommended. (not OP, but have the same mod)
  8. I love my manual Jeep, but...

    Right on. Thats my only gripe.
  9. Any benefit to connecting Bluetooth if using Carplay?

    Myself and others have experienced stuttering/skipping/static when playing music via CarPlay. There's a thread or two about it. Playing music via Bluetooth could be one benefit, although I don't know whether that is possible when the phone is plugged in for CarPlay (never tried it, I play a...
  10. Issues with Sirius XM reception, anyone else?

    Mine cuts out frequently, and of the 3 vehicles I've owned w/OEM satellite radio, the JLU is the worst. This is in New England, with frequent tree cover driving down a suburban road; no roof rack or roof equipment whatsoever.
  11. New Member & Initial Review! BMW X3 M40i to JLU Sport S!

    Got it, thanks for sharing the details and sticker. Nice looking M3 too! There’s zero comparison, but I sold my 2004 R32 (original owner, 33k miles) and my daily driver and simplified my life with just the regrets. Enjoy!!
  12. New Member & Initial Review! BMW X3 M40i to JLU Sport S!

    @JeepfromBMW Are those wheels stock on the JLU Sport S, or did you add them? What size? Those are nice looking. Thanks. (doing a little digging...these look like the Gladiator Rubicon wheels??)
  13. How did you decide on your engine?

    What this guy said.👍
  14. Factory Alpine or Alpine PSS-23WRA?

    Finished my install yesterday and to my ears I’m pleased with the PSS. Before the PSS kit I’d installed the Dodge Dart Kicker speakers in the upper dash, which themselves were a great improvement. With the PSS kit there’s more clarity across the volume range, and bass now where it was...
  15. wiring through the firewall

    You mean fortunately :) Ultimately for my project I settled on using the tube on the passenger side, but without removing the battery or fuse panel...spent an hour yesterday trying to fish a power wire through and no success yet, but I did cut the nipple off the tube so it's close.
  16. wiring through the firewall

    Do you have a soft top? I have a '21 MT with hard top from the factory, and it looks like that grommet is used for the washer fluid tube to the rear window. Was hoping to be able to use your idea :)
  17. Factory Alpine or Alpine PSS-23WRA?

    I’m hoping to install my PSS-23WRA this weekend. My buddy has a ‘21 with the Alpine OEM upgrade so I’ll be able to compare back to back. My plan was to save a little cargo space and money, and get an equivalent quality sound, going the PSS route when I ordered my ‘21 Sahara...fingers crossed...
  18. HYDRO BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    Ditched my decal yesterday, and will probably remove the badges as well.
  19. Plug and Play amp upgrade to basic system

    @Cutterone : One year later (read you installed it last July), how's the PWD-X5 been? Still recommended?