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  1. Aux Switches Temp Unavailable warning

    I’m getting this now about 2x a week upon start up. It’s for about 5 to 10 seconds and then goes away. I drive 5 days a week or more. 2018 JLUS. Batt volts are reading 13.9 - 14.1.
  2. 33's on a Sport/Sahara?

    hey there! How does it drive on the highway? I’ve heard a lot of 7th / 8th gear hunting even in a small hill or mild head wind. What are your thoughts? I’m willing to adjust a bit of course, But don’t want to lose a gear at 70mph. Speedo issues are not a concern. I may gee a Tazer Mini to...
  3. Creaking sound from driver side pillar

    Well what do you know. Reinstalled and tightened the hard top front d/s bolt at lunch as tight as I could get it. The noise is gone! I may be hearing phantom noises in my head, maybe 5% still there, but I am confident that when I lubricate between the plates tonight and also install and...
  4. Creaking sound from driver side pillar

    Hey guys. I just got this issue a few days ago when putting on the PST. I am an 18 jlus. I’ve spent hours trying to track this down so I am excited to go out in the hard top bolts, check drain tube location, and do some silicone spray. This is maddening. I appreciate everyone’s pictures and...
  5. Creaking Doors...anyone?

    Well are we talking about the creak when opening, or a creak when accelerating, decelerating and turning? as to the door creak I was able to loosen the door bolts outside just enough to get a silicone live nozzle under. A few shots and it worked great so far. My issue is that I’ve developed a...
  6. C vs D or E

    Hey being from Ontario you clearly ha e tested these in the snow unless you just got them. I hear they are everything they’re cracked up to be? Any other folks have opinions on this setup?
  7. C vs D or E

    Thanks!! You may have sold me with that pic. I have the same JLUS wheels but granite grey. The white our actually looks good. I’ve heard the KO2s do measure a bit small and that most tire manufacturers report size based on max inflation so for an LT that’s probably like 80psi anyway. This is...
  8. C vs D or E

    Hey there. I am also in the tire shopping market. Question for you @MeanMrWolf: are you on a Rubi or Sahara/Sport trim? I am a Sahara and looking exactly at these tires (275/70/18). How do they fit? They look like essentially a bit narrower Rubi stock. I know the high line genders are different...
  9. Rubi wheel/tire swap, width pic

    Morning! Anyone with the Rubi wheel and tire wrap on a sport or Sahara have or mind taking a picture of the tire width profile from the front and or the back, directly on? I realize that going from 10.0” to 11.2” only nets about a half inch on each side, but I am curious to see this before doing...
  10. Official Jeep Statement: We are getting off road pages on the 2018 Wranglers!

    Hello everyone. May I resurrect an old thread? I presume from reading multiple topics on the ORP that this "option" was only for the Rubicon? I have a 2018 Sahara and have never been prompted for the update. When I called Jeep Wave, the rep knew nothing about it. Thanks!!
  11. Off-Road Capable

    Hello. To raise a dead thread.... I took my JLU Sahara with GY ATA tires down to southern Ohio yesterday. I was astonished at what it could do for off camber situations, a huge 30 degree hill climb on silt, and in the slop, and nothing to speak of on damage except a little rash on a rear bumper...
  12. The Non-Rubicon Jl & JLU Thread

    Hello. Also a JLU Sahara and looking at a JLUR wheel and tire swap. No left here in the pictures correct? Looks great BTW!!! Please let me know. Thanks!
  13. Tire advice for 2018 JL Sport Unlimited

    And no lift here as well? Thanks!
  14. Tire advice for 2018 JL Sport Unlimited

    So the red sport I am seeing here... no lift? It looks great!!
  15. Wait, this isn't the mall. Saharas off road

    I’m taking a trip to Hocking Hills in SE Ohio in the second week of November. Should be some good trails. I’ll post back here!
  16. Weird plastic rattle

    Thanks. Please help me orient myself with this picture. Is this the left side of the hard top, looking forward?
  17. Rear window creak

    I have a JLU hard top 4 door and have struggled with this for a while now. I know it’s the seal because it will go away when the seal is wet. I’ve done white lithium grease and that helps temporarily, but it looks crappy if it’s on too thick, and it dries up if it’s on too thin. Thinking about...
  18. Read tail gate hinge rattle

    This is a good idea. I’ll try it! Thanks.
  19. Rear window rattling

    Hi there I am having this issue as well. I am a Sahara with stock 18” rims and GY ATA tires. Pushing right in the center of the rear glass seems to stop it. Is there where you pushyl stop yours as well? Thanks!