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  1. HELP with part number!

    I think the part number for the bolts holding the tires carrier is 6512642AA. Doubt many shops will have them on hand but always worth checking since most places charge a crazy amount for shipping.

    Bad news... was really looking forward to it but there is no way we can make it over there for tomorrow :( .... hope next time works out! Have fun!!

    I absolutely love it! More than happy to show it off :)

    Checking in! Hoping to make it over there in my JLURD and my mom in her JKU Sahara.
  5. Gorilla Glass Windshield

    Some good info here in this video. I think it's more about the energy absorption than brute force strength of the outmost layer of glass.
  6. Florida WTB: Rubicon front bumper

    I just ordered a new front bumper I'm thinking will be delivered early January. Once I receive it and get it installed, I'd be happy to chat. Its plastic, that's what you're looking for?
  7. JLUS Build Advice needed

    This is a great video showing what's involved with a bunch of different lift kits. Has some graphs showing what the resulting lift actually was (3.5" lift doesn't always equate to a higher actual lift than a 2.5"). The video goes into detail about what is involved with the installs as well.
  8. Florida Off-Road Foundation License Plate

    I ordered a flag with my plate but I haven't received either yet (order # 243). They emailed me 12 days ago asking for my DL number since they had to attach it to the order form for the state and they didn't ask for it on the online order form at the time. No updates since then but I don't...
  9. Next Venture Full Width Rear Bumper

    Hi @NextDan - any updates on aluminum front bumper for the JL? Looking forward to that happening!
  10. Rear Storage Tub

    I can confirm it has the rear under floor storage.
  11. The Trasharoo Problem

    Thinking about trying out a waterproof dry backpack so I can hang it on the tire at camp then roll up the top and put it inside the cabin while driving. Keeps water out so it should keep water in too? anyone have experience with this method?