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  1. Cold Climate 4xe Ownership

    Yes, you can remote start it with it plugged in, and pre-condition the cabin to what you had your climate controls set to last, and get the battery ready for your drive. Just as you can start it while in the driver's seat whole it is plugged in. It's drawing all electricity from your charger.
  2. Setting Amp level for level 1 charging

    It's a brand new breaker and wiring, so that's good. I am storing my 4xe in my friend's garage, but my own level 2 is the dream - I learned too recently all the new ways you can install a level 2 charger by plugging it into a NEMA 50 amp 14-50 outlet, with no hard wires, so that is really cool.
  3. Setting Amp level for level 1 charging

    That's great to know it defaults at 12 amps! Yeah, I have a Volt, too, and I like the 8 amp setting. So I'm guessing it says 15 amps in the manual just to dissuade people from plugging in other things to the outlet?
  4. Setting Amp level for level 1 charging

    Thank you, yes I want to park at a friend's garage, and there is a 20 amp breaker on the outlet, but also a modem and router plugged into it, which have 4.5 amps together. So I was thinking that would not work out, unless I could tell my 4xe to only draw 8 amps. Have fun with your new 4xe...
  5. Setting Amp level for level 1 charging

    I was wondering if there is a setting to set a desired Amp setting for level 1 charging. In the manual it seems like it's automatic, and if it senses it is getting too hot it goes to a lower setting, but it states for level 1 charging: Level 1 (120 V/15 A), so I am wondering if it always...
  6. 53.6 MPG in a Wrangler 4XE?!?!

    I don't know the exact numbers but hybrids usually get 20-30% better fuel economy than a gas only equivalent. In your example comparing the Hybrid Corolla with non-hybrid, for highway miles, it's a good improvement above 30%, and I wish that to be true for the 4xe, but if it's just 30% more than...
  7. 53.6 MPG in a Wrangler 4XE?!?!

    Here is an example from a Gen 2 Volt (2016+)
  8. 53.6 MPG in a Wrangler 4XE?!?!

    Other hybrid cars display MPGe though. It's calculating miles traveled using 33.7 kWh which is the electrical equivalent of one gallon of gasoline. Just as you get worse efficiency with gas in certain trips you can get worse efficient with electricity and not travel as far using 33.7 KWh. It's...
  9. 53.6 MPG in a Wrangler 4XE?!?!

    MPGe can be used as a measure of efficiency on a trip just like MPG, though. The vehicle won't always get the same electrical consumption per 100 miles on each drive. If you go up a steep hill, using both electricity and gas, MPGe will drop way down because the amount of Kwh used on that trip...
  10. 53.6 MPG in a Wrangler 4XE?!?!

    Interesting that MPG displayed there is actually showing MPGe. I guess that’s a good way to train people to think about the vehicle in terms of MPGe. Does it show you the amount of gallons of gas used? That would allow a quick calculation of MPG (with no consideration for electrical energy used).
  11. Just saw my first Jeep 4xe

    100% of leases will qualify for the tax credit. The bank claims the credit and passes it down to the the consumer with $7,500 off the purchase price. So even if you don't make enough money per year to owe $7,500 in taxes, you can take advantage of it through a lease. My 11 reasons for getting...
  12. Will the 4xe be unusable in hot weather?!

    Thanks, for offering your experience with solar - that is good to know. I agree, I’m holding out on a full EV until battery technology improves. Solid state seems to be around the corner. The 4xe is the best option right now for me, for my adventure needs, and I’ll use my Volt for daily...
  13. Will the 4xe be unusable in hot weather?!

    From my experience with the Volt, the AC only turns on for maybe 20 min in very hot weather, then it will stop. It’s not continuous. yeah, it’s unfortunate that it has the energy dependency of needing AC to condition the battery, but the alternative of gas production is definitely not green, as...
  14. Will the 4xe be unusable in hot weather?!

    With any lithium battery, any ambient temp above 95 degrees will cause damage to it - whether it's an iPhone, or an EV battery. It's not good to leave an EV parked in heat for long periods in any circumstance, un-plugged. When driving, the car's AC will kick in to cool the battery. For the 4xE...
  15. Will the 4xe be unusable in hot weather?!

    I am curious if the 4xe will run the AC while parked to cool the batteries. My Chevy Volt does this without being plugged in. It's recommended to have at least a half charge in weather above 95 degrees when parked and not plugged in for the Volt.
  16. 4XE Question - How long will you be able to run in Hybrid Mode before the electric motor disengages.?

    Oh no, that's too bad. :( Hi, On the website I just see it saying it’s based on battery size, and 16 KWh qualifies for $1,500.
  17. Cold Climate 4xe Ownership

    My guess is that for cold weather, it will only draw power when you remote start and pre-condition. For hot weather, the AC will probably kick on while plugged in, to protect the battery from getting too hot. With cold, I think they figure since it's not damaging to the battery, it can just be...
  18. Cold Climate 4xe Ownership

    Cold actually is good for longevity on batteries, but bad on efficiency. Hot weather on the other hand will destroy a battery's longevity. So long as you pre-condition the vehicle (remote start it, or warm it up), before you drive, the battery will be warmed up for operating temps and can be...
  19. 4XE Question - How long will you be able to run in Hybrid Mode before the electric motor disengages.?

    I was curious about the numbers, since there is no Information posted by the EPA yet. Here is what I guessed and calculated with two scenarios. Assuming that hybrid mpg is 23 hwy and 19.44 city (8% better from regen braking and coasting). Scenario 1 - primary vehicle, regular commute (40 miles...