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  1. Best Doors-Off Mirrors?

    Lange Coyotes - love em, easy to install, love the quick removal feature. Driven up to 70 mph with the doors off and the mirrors don't shake or move. Can't complain. A little pricey, but you get what you pay for.
  2. Current music in your Jeep?

    Phish Really enjoying their concert from 7/23/97 lately. Not everyone's cup of tea, but I dig the summertime grooves.
  3. Is driving with the top down (or off) a deterrent for speeding?

    I tend to agree with this sentiment. With my last sedan, I treated speed limits as a suggestion and not a requirement! In my first Wrangler and for the most part, I don't have an interest in speeding. I'm very content to do the speed limit, put it in cruise control occasionally, and just enjoy...
  4. Post a screenshot of your average MPG here!

    Would need to get photos since I'm currently at work but I'm hitting about 21.5 mpg in my 2021 JLU Willys. Mostly highway driving where I'm located. Was expecting a few mpg less so I'm overall satisfied. My fuel range when topped off shows 400-430 mile range, but I'm skeptical this is accurate.
  5. Anyone consider the Gladiator before going with the JLU?

    I was in this category last summer. Strongly considered a Mojave. Really liked the concept, but at the end of the day, for me, I didn't think I would use the truckbed enough to justify the purchase and something about taking the top off and still having the bed behind me seemed off. Went with a...
  6. Jeeps in Snow... post pics.

    Up in the Sproul State Forest last week after quite a bit of snow! Love driving through the untouched terrain!
  7. My Jeep is “modifying” Me.

    I kinda worked in reverse, went to a music festival a few years back and since that lasted a few days, I got a bunch of camping gear. After the festival, I realized I had a bunch of camping gear now, sans plans to actually camp. So, got into shape, started doing long distance hiking in northern...
  8. 100 mile review

    Thanks for this rec. I'm finishing up my week of nightshift work and starting my week off tomorrow. Might make this a project and install a headliner while I'm at it.
  9. Why Not A Rubicon?

    For me, not an issue of cost, but for my first Wrangler, I didn't see the utility in going for a Rubicon right out the gate. Not having done serious off-roading, I'm sure whatever I choose to engage in in the northeast is going to be more than enough for my capable Willys and if I find in 2-3...
  10. 100 mile review

    Picked up my JLU Willys 2 weeks ago. Agree with most of what you experienced. Only pertinent things that come to mind (for my experience)...fuses were all pushed down (good)...I had about 41 psi at delivery. Aired that down to 37, and it really rides great. I can take my hand off the wheel on a...
  11. Driving through 2 feet of snow

    Well, my profile pic tells a small part of the story, but picked up a brand new 21 Willys JLU on 1/26. Within a week, we did get 2 feet of snow and the Willys handled it like it was nothing on my way to do some snowboarding. Was mainly a heavier, wet snow that accumulated quickly, but I was...
  12. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    Took delivery of my Nacho Willys on Tuesday and have enjoyed some time up in the Pocono mountains, on and off road. Rides a lot smoother than I had imagined and definitely feels at home when off the pavement! - 2.0L 4 cyl auto - 8.4" screen + Alpine - Selec-trac - trailer-tow/aux switches -...
  13. Poll: How many of you are going to pay for SiriusXM after the free trial?

    50/50 on it. No particular need, but I've gone through the dog and pony show with SiriusXM before and unsure if I want to be in the perpetual "threatening to cancel" just so I can keep getting it at a reasonable monthly rate. The standard monthly of $20+ is comical in 2021 with the plethora of...
  14. 2021 JL Build Status - Post Yours

    Nacho JLU Willys Ordered 12/5 Shipped 1/11 Delivered 1/21 Picking up on Tuesday. Very excited! Snowstorm is coming and hoping to have it up in the VT mountains by Wednesday for some snowboarding!
  15. Who's Jeep

    Congratulations! These are the best photos of the Nacho color that I've seen yet and it makes me even more excited as I patiently wait for my Willys while it's "in transit".
  16. 2021 JL Build Status - Post Yours

    Emailed my dealer earlier in the week and was told D1 status. Tracked my order here and got a sticker this morning but no build sheet. I guess it's ready?? Hoping for great news this week! Ordered 12/5
  17. 2021 JL Build Status - Post Yours

    Ordered Nacho Willys on 12/5, currently in D1 awaiting build schedule
  18. Used Rubi vs new Willys

    As I discovered through this forum, the 7.5% below dealer invoice is legit. NO, you're not required to finance through them, but the discount drops to 6.5% if you use your own financing. Don't have firm details on the rates, but I am pre-approved through my bank at a great rate, so i'll go...