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  1. REAR SEAT COVER - for Dogs.....

    I've had this one on order for 2 months. Looks like it shipped a week ago but is now listed as delayed, so I can't speak for if it is good or not: Long term, I am planning to add some type of wooden...
  2. Make of lift kit

    seems like you would include pictures of the components so we could provide valid input. My guess is that it is a 4.5" Rock Jock kit with antirock sway bar. I am suspecting that it includes a Steersmart tierod and drag link.
  3. 392 tailgate reinforcement to Rubicon

    Will it work? Someone selling on facebook. I saw the offical kit includes a bunch of spacers and bolts. Is that needed?
  4. I need wheeling buddies

    I've got a 2021 Rubicon and only 2 hours out from your locale. Got a 4 day weekend and only 1 run planned on Saturday (theres a thread about that 1).
  5. Cleghorn Trail Saturday November 27th

    Just letting you know, that I am still in. For my understanding, is this and out and back, or will it let out at another location?
  6. One thing I don't like about my Wrangler

    i would like the FOB to: 1) have the lock/unlock buttons with a different feel from each other so I dont have to look at it when I lock/unlock. 2) no related to the FOB as an issue, but I like to turn the ignition with a key. I already 'lost' my FOB like 4x because I leave it in the jeep and it...
  7. is it me or what (no spare tire on the rear of the jl.)

    For me, its the front grille that is iconic. The spare on the back, ya, its right, but without is also super cool too.
  8. Search and Rescue Miller Jeep Trail

    I don't think you should have any negative ideas about it. Someone needed some help and you went out to handle it. I wouldn't mind doing the same if I had the opportunity. I just drive out on long dusty roads for apparently no reason. It might be fun to have a goal instead.
  9. Offroad modes

    Not certain I fully understood this post. Are you suggesting that we are comparing alpine free climbing vs hot dog eating? We are comparing off road vehicles and their capabilities and the sometimes marketing only gimmicks that go along with each. I could be way off base (as I often am) but...
  10. How to reset TPMS Symbol lit on dash board

    like dang! i thought he was legit running at 2.2PSI and I was like this dawg is the king!
  11. Offroad modes

    I think all that stuffs is good. I mean, its all in the order of improving capability. As technology and manufacturing techniques, and engineering improves we can reap the benefits of those. Who knows what they may have in 3 decades from now. But all improvements are generally incremental...
  12. ICON Rebound Pro wheels

    America's Tire Store (aka Discount Tire)
  13. ICON Rebound Pro wheels

    When I was at the shop, the dealer called ICON about the availability. They told him they were in stock. So I was informed max 2-3 days for delivery. Next day the dealer called me and told me that the pins were not in stock, so 2 weeks delay. I had the same thought as you. If the pins are...
  14. California WTB - Mopar Extended tire bump stops that come with Mopar oversized tire carrier

    why do you want them uncut? what size tire do you have?
  15. Jeep Dog pics

    That is just simply a dog pic. We need JEEPS + DOGS. I would name him Radar.
  16. Diode Dynamics Website Hacked - credit cards stolen

    I think its a bit more freeflow, but maybe the way you have it set is an option. Basically tho, they contacted me and said my card was stolen online and canceled it shipped a new one same day. More than that tho, my address and phone is out there...i suppose it already was or something.
  17. Diode Dynamics Website Hacked - credit cards stolen

    My AMEX card was used in Panama last week and canceled. AMEX said my card data was stolen. Today I received an email from Diode Dynamics:
  18. ICON Rebound Pro wheels

    Was at America's Tire Co yesterday (and placed an order for these) oddly it wasn't in their system. ATC is the same company as Discount Tire. Anyways, he got them ordered but pins are not available so 2 weeks wait. Also, he was kinda skeptical about doing the pins and such. He said they may...
  19. How important are heated seats to you?

    I have no interest in that option for my wrangler. However, I will say that a couple years ago we were doing a job in NJ and it was 0F all week. We had 2 vehicles, and only 1 had heated seats. That 20minute ride in the non-heated seat vehicle was pretty miserable at 5am. Lunchtime and...