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  1. JL Differential Cover Seal Questions

    Looking for opinions on JL differential cover installation. I am installing aftermarket dif covers and I am trying to decide if I am going to reuses the gaskets. The JL has a decent rubber gasket with metal washers vulcanized into the gasket for the bolt locations. The OEM part is quite...
  2. Need HELP

    As sheepjeep said, try reducing air pressure
  3. Need HELP

    Did you do the install or did a shop do it? If your dealer can't tell you what is wrong I would go to a different dealer. What tire pressure are you running at?
  4. JLUR Manual clutch slipping at certain RPMs

    Based on the post I have seen about the manual transmission catastrophically failing in some JLs resulting in a major fire I would take it to a dealer ASAP.
  5. Washington 2020 Rubi Tires and Rims

    The seller was clear about what he is selling. The only one giving any bad attitude is you my friend.
  6. Metal Cloak Sale Today

    I am thinking about ordering some skid plates, dif covers.
  7. Metal Cloak Sale Today

    Metal Cloak is having a 10% off sale store wide for Valentine’s Day. Discount code lovemyjeep
  8. Sahara vs Rubicon HELP!

    This is what I was going to say
  9. Looking for help (Wheels/Tires) 37x12.50r20

    Do you off-road allot? If so I would recommend 17” wheels.
  10. Decided on Raceline wheels, now which size tire?

    I have been happy with this stock 33” KO2s. When I go to 35s I will probably go with the Ridge Grapplers.
  11. Has Anyone Installed Metal Cloak 2.5 Lift With Alternative Shocks.

    Ouch, that's pretty spendy. are they serviceable?
  12. Has Anyone Installed Metal Cloak 2.5 Lift With Alternative Shocks.

    fox 2.5s are remote res shocks? What did thy cost?
  13. Has Anyone Installed Metal Cloak 2.5 Lift With Alternative Shocks.

    The shocks look very nice. A little expensive. Did you get the Metal Cloak drive shaft?
  14. Has Anyone Installed Metal Cloak 2.5 Lift With Alternative Shocks.

    I am trying to pick a lift kit for my 2019 JLUR and have a question about Metal Cloak 2.5 kit. Has anyone installed this kit with shocks from a different vendor? the rocksport shocks don’t seem all that great other than length. I like the Icon stage six kit because it comes with adjustable...
  15. Suspension Installs

    I would do it my self.
  16. Will a new lift always create a pull left or right?

    Like several have said. This guy is a idiot and should be flipping burgers instead of selling off-road parts. Don’t let that shop touch your rig.
  17. Tire Chains On a JLUR Suggestions, Comments

    Hello all, this has probably been discussed but nothing jumped out at me when I did a search. I have a 2019 JLUR and I would like to get a set of tire chains for my rig. The manual says you can not run chains on a JLUR, this is pretty lame as you are required to carry chains seasonally in some...
  18. PNW Sting Gray

    It came with the Badlands Apex Winch. I fabbed a bracket for it.
  19. PNW Sting Gray

    Sorry for the delay had a busy summer and you have probably already purchased something. I got this one from Amazon and I have had no reception issues.
  20. PNW Sting Gray

    I have not posted about my rig ina while. I have done a few more upgrades. I am getting ready for My first Jeep Jamboree this June. I Installed a Cool Teck Fire Extinguisher Mount with a HalGard Extinguisher