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  1. Beadlocks

    I am running Cooper STT Pro 40x13.5R17 on Fuel Zephyr bead locks and haven't had any issues. I'm not sure where you guys get your wheels mounted/balanced but I haven't been charged anything outrageous.
  2. D60 owners - How??

    I have been running 40s on D44s w/5.13s for over a year. Runs great and I've been offroad in TX, AR, TN & KY. I had 40s on an 85 Toyota for years and drove the crap out of it. Those cheap axles and components held up fine. The D44s are much better than those old Toyota axles. Just do it till it...
  3. Anyone from here attend this? "Nearly 200 people arrested, two shot during the 'Go Topless Jeep Weekend"

    I have a place on the Strand in Galveston and attend many great events every year. I have only attended Jeep weekend once but every year it is the same. Here are my thoughts from what I have seen, plus what Galveston county should be doing to resolve the issue (I will base this on my...
  4. How much have you spent on modding your Jeep?

    DV8 Aluminum half doors. Here is a link to them. However, you can get them a little less from somewhere else...
  5. Where do you mount your hi lift?

    One more thing. The rotopak brackets are made for up to a 37 inch tire. I customized my brackets by adding an extra 1.5 inch pipe to widen them. Then I had them re powder coated.
  6. Where do you mount your hi lift?

    It's a LOD Destroyer bumper and carrier. There is no weight pulling down on the tailgate. LOD is pricey, but well worth it.
  7. How much have you spent on modding your Jeep?

    Ditto!!!! Around $25k for me as well. However, I am single and kids are grown. It was either a Jeep or Ashton Martin.... :-)
  8. LOD bumpers anyone?

    Ditch the fenders and get some Metal Cloak! :like: They are solid like the LOD bumpers.
  9. LOD bumpers anyone?

    Excellent!!!! U will forget about th Excellent!! U will forget about the cost as soon as u see the quality. I have the destroyer and it holds a 40 just fine. I had to modify the brackets a little for the rotopak.
  10. Whats The Coolest Thing You've Seen on a Jeep?

    Tall Tree with strong branch, pulley, get the Jeep outta the way quickly!
  11. Whats The Coolest Thing You've Seen on a Jeep?

    My 18 yr old son opened a beer for me on my door latch. I was like, "WTF."
  12. Everyone hates me......

    You can head to the Clear Lake area as well. Adding mods do seem to help and is always great advice!
  13. How Big of Tire Can I Run on Rubicon Axles

    I just came across this thread. If you still haven't decided this may help. I have been running 40" Cooper STT Pros w/5.13 Spicer gears for 9-10 months and have no issues. This is my weekend toy and I am easy on the pedal while offroad. I just returned from the Hot Springs OVR park last week and...
  14. Does anyone off-road their 2.0?

    Like you, I feel the DANA 44 axles are fine running 40s as long as you use common sense. I did upgrade the gears to Spicer 5.13 and sync'd it with a FlashCal. I had a 1986 Toyota 4x4 with the 22R engine running 40" Dick Cepeks that I ran hard offroad and I never had axle or driveshaft issues. I...
  15. Does anyone off-road their 2.0?

    Thx for the tips! I have a couple friends that live in HS Village and decided to hit these trails and earn a few badges while up there.
  16. Does anyone off-road their 2.0?

    I am heading to the Hot Springs ORV Park this weekend. I have quite a bit off road experience but was wondering how rugged the three B of H trails are since I am running 40s on DANA 44s w/5.13 spicer gears? (Currie RockJock 60s coming soon) By the looks of videos I have seen it doesn't look to...
  17. Go up to 35s or make a big jump to 37s?

    Just run some neg offset rims with 37s if u are worried about rubbing. U could also ditch those plastic inner fender liners for something more feasible. For that matter rip those plastic fenders off and................nevermind! I got carried away.:lipssealed:
  18. Bumper mounted Swing out Tire carrier vs. HD replacement hinge tire carrier

    I will send some pictures when I get home of it open. The tire is pulled up real tight against the carrier and is 13.5" wide + the carrier around 6" or so. The rotopak mounts are on the LOD website. Yes, you can have Jerrycans. They have mounts for vert/hor high lifts, Tools/shovels, top rack...