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  1. Replacing Sahara 4xe silver trim

    Hey there! No, I have not done this mod yet. For a variety of reasons, it's going to have to wait until spring. Benny was very helpful and provided the following for me (I assume you would use the same parts)...
  2. TUSCADERO Wrangler JL Club

    Not side by side, but I did see Furious Fuscia not long ago.
  3. TUSCADERO Wrangler JL Club

    It is an amazing color, to be sure! Seeing in person is helpful because the photos can only do so much. I've found the same to be true with other Jeep colors (Sarge, Gecko, Sting, etc).
  4. TUSCADERO Wrangler JL Club

    When will this be orderable at your web site? Would the steering wheel be available separate from the kit!
  5. TUSCADERO Wrangler JL Club

    This Tuscadero Jeep is gonna be a lot of fun! Had my first "whiplash" incident this morning...while stopped at a light, a cross-traffic pickup passed in front of me. I think the poor woman in the front passenger seat might have given herself whiplash as she turned to stare at the pink Jeep!!!
  6. TUSCADERO Wrangler JL Club

    Thanks! The sill plates were a factory order. The BFGs were a dealer order and were installed before I arrived. The delivery process took a little longer than usual because I also had them do the factory recalibration ("MVP" something), and that couldn't occur until after I was the owner.
  7. TUSCADERO Wrangler JL Club

    Quick stop on the road trip. Here are a few pix.
  8. TUSCADERO Wrangler JL Club

    D-day (delivery) has finally arrived! About to board a flight to Nashville and meet the fine folks from Gupton Motors later this morning. Tuscadero Sahara 4xe pix to follow... Cheers!
  9. Hitch Bike Rack recommendations?

    That's brilliant - I love it! I guess I'll be sending more cash to the fine folks at 1up. I'm flying to TN in a couple days to take delivery, so a couple higher priorities in the pipeline! Until then, my rack patiently waits in the garage. Based on your pix, I think I may go with a "2.25" or...
  10. Hitch Bike Rack recommendations?

    It looks like you went with the EZ Pull extension. How is that working for you? I skipped the locking extension bolts and EZ Pull, mostly because I will be occasionally removing the third tray add-on and didn't want to buy both lengths of EZ Pull. The way it's designed, would an EZPull for the...
  11. Replacing Sahara 4xe silver trim

    Thanks! :like:
  12. Replacing Sahara 4xe silver trim

    Hi Denny, Thank you for clearing that up! Please send the links and code. Do you also have information for spray paint to match the black wheels and Tuscadero body color? Thanks, Kent
  13. Replacing Sahara 4xe silver trim

    Will soon take delivery of our Sahara 4xe and already know the silver trim in the grill and bumper has to go. The look I want to achieve is more like this: From my research it looks like the grille/headlight part I need is #6KM36TZZAA and for the fog lights #6BU58TZZAA and #6BU59TZZAA. Can...
  14. Is the eTorque really a hybrid?

    Word games: it's a "mild" hybrid. I know there are a lot of haters, but I really liked it on my Ram 1500 and would willingly buy it again.
  15. TUSCADERO Wrangler JL Club

    Received a photo this morning via email - SOOO excited!!! EDIT: scheduled pick-up for 11/11, who else will be picking up that day?
  16. TUSCADERO Wrangler JL Club

    Big milestone: arrived at dealer today!!!
  17. TUSCADERO Wrangler JL Club

    I bugged Jeep Chat again today. Latest ETA is 10/29 to 11/3! Not sure how much sleep I'll be getting the next few nights... (also anti FB; this is as social as I get)
  18. TUSCADERO Wrangler JL Club

    Yes, Tuscadero opened on 8/6. I went back and looked at my emails. There was some back and forth not shown below, but here are the key points: - 11:14am I said I was ready to order - 12:20pm received the deposit link - 12:55pm received POC and VON So roughly three hours after Tuacadero became...
  19. TUSCADERO Wrangler JL Club

    Ouch. That was where I was a month ago.
  20. TUSCADERO Wrangler JL Club

    Lucky you! Today is day #83 for me. At least it's finally on the way to the dealer!