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  1. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Little trip down to Big Bend National Park with some friends. Balanced Rock Friday afternoon. Campsite at Cottonwood Friday night. Found the red buffalo Saturday. If you know you know. Santa Elena Canyon. I can neither confirm nor deny a trip across the border. Campsite at Terlingua Abajo...
  2. What is the worst aftermarket thing you got for your jeep?

    You could try this Ram Mount base. May have to go to Ace Hardware to find the correct bolt, but for $12 it's worth a try.
  3. Switching fender DRL bulb to amber

    I put a pair of these in each socket - DRL and turn signal. Work like a champ. From Amazon. Syneticusa 7443 Error Free Canbus Ready Yellow/Amber LED Front/Rear Turn Signal Light Bulbs DRL Parking Lamp No Hyper Flash All in One
  4. JLU crossbar options for hardshell RTT

    Gutter mount bars are not going to hold a RTT. You will need some sort of backbone system.
  5. Oil Filter Torqueing Question

    Get a silver sharpie marker. Put a mark on the oil filter cap and somewhere on the plastic around the cap that match up. Then take the cap off and do your filter change. When you put it back on, just turn until tight and the marks line up. Works for me on two JLURs.
  6. Show Off Your Scenic Jeep Photos

    Pic 1 - Pole Creek along the Stony Pass trail Pic 2 - The falls along the Minnie Gulch trail Pic 3 - Along an un-named side road off of the Corkscrew Pass/Hurricane Pass trails Pic 4 -At the Frisco Mill above Animas Forks in California Gulch
  7. All electric Wrangler in 2023?

    I have 10 gallons in cans with me. Half a tank. Is there a battery pack that will do that yet? Didn't think so.
  8. Show Off Your Scenic Jeep Photos

    Just a few from our week in the San Juan's in July 2021. Crossing Pole Creek on the Stony Pass trail The falls along Minnie Gulch Unnamed road off of the Corkscrew Pass/Hurricane Pass trail Frisco Mill above Animas Forks in California Gulch
  9. All electric Wrangler in 2023?

    I don't think I'll be able to get a charging station up here... and I don't plan on giving this up... I guess if your Wrangler is a true mall crawler then an all electric Jeep would be a viable option. Just not for us.
  10. Pizza cutters Kenda 35x10.5r17

    How bad is the road noise on these?
  11. Recommendation for Jeep servicing in Fort Worth, Texas?

    Stay away from the dealerships with a modified Jeep. Dealerships are going to do you wrong. I live in the Fort Worth area and the two shops I have used for years on all of my Jeeps (and other vehicles) are LRM Customs in Fort Worth and Trendsetters in Grandbury. Either shop will do quality...
  12. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Added the Outback Adventures Trailgater table. If you need a table just spend the money. There are none better than this one. Amazing construction. Complete directions for installation. Zero rattles or sqeaks. Family owned business putting out an amazing product. (No, they didn't pay me...
  13. Current music in your Jeep?

    Sturgill bluegrass
  14. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Not today (last week...), but we didn't have internet, so...
  15. Colorado Photos Have you Jeeped There?

    Just left Silverton last Saturday (July 24) after 5 days of running trails with some friends. I was very surprised at the lack of traffic on the trails. We had one "incident" on our first day when we ran across a group of 10 SxS drivers that had zero respect for the mountains, trails, or other...
  16. Colorado Photos Have you Jeeped There?

    2017 in the TJ 2020 in my '19 JLUR Next week :) in the wife's '21 JLUR I wish I still had that TJ... What a fun Jeep.
  17. Break in period

    P/U my wife's 2021 JLUR end of May. 3.6L e-torque. Changed the oil at 1K miles. Sits at just under 4k miles now. Taking it to Silverton next week. Will probably change again right before the 2k mile round trip. It's overkill, but I'm just that kind of guy.
  18. My first issue with my JL

    I had the whine in my 02 TJ back in 2016. It was not a cheap or easy fix. Pinion bearing. At least yours should be under warranty.
  19. Bike racks recommendations?

    I've had the Quadratec 2 bike folding rack for a 2 inch receiver for about 4 years now and have zero complaints. Just hauled our bikes from DFW to New Orleans and back for a long weekend on the back of the wife's new JLUR. They...
  20. 8 months and 1st cracked windshield

    Replaced the windshield on my 19 JLUR in March after that extreme cold snap we had - defroster completely split the original windshield in February. Two days after replacing, we went to Big Bend National Park with another Jeep buddy. Following him down Black Gap I caught a rock and have a ding...