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  1. First sighting of 2020 Jeep JL Wrangler PHEV Plug-In Hybrid!

    Recapturing any denomination? The heck are you talking about. I recommend you stay away from anything over 12V.
  2. Does an aluminum front bumper make any sense for a JL Rubicon?

    Anybody discussing steel vs aluminum, just read below. 1/3 density at 1/3 modulus. However, inertias play into stiffness, and those are exponentially proportional to material thickness. At the same mass, the thickness of Al is 3x that of steel.
  3. Is the Moab Package a Good Deal?

    As always, any options you add in your car aren’t necessarily a good deal for you, but they definitely are for the manufacturer. Bundling up options, oh yeah that’s where they make the real money. I obviously have a Rubicon which clearly is optioned enough. However, let’s not kid ourselves...
  4. Is Mopar Lift Really 2 Inches? Feels Like More...

    The difference is that one tire is under load and the other isn’t. To compare them take them off and set them at the same exact pressure. The comparison as it stands right now is meaningless.
  5. “Self adjusting speedometer” ??

    Just ask yourself: how could the vehicle recalibrate? A closed feedback loop using gps positional data to determine distance elapsed over wheel revolution counter? I don’t think so. Although the wrangler could do that, as it has both revolution counters and GPS positional data, both information...
  6. Best speed for MPGs

    I don’t think manuals are any better at consumption. The auto has 2 more gears, and you can (and should) drive it in sequential mode. I don’t understand people that just set it on D and go, specially considering that autos tipically do a pretty bad job at predicting when to downshift when the...
  7. Poll: Is your steering this loose?

    Same, I think maybe he got the usernames off the wrong row.
  8. My Rubicon @ 70 MPH RPM's Pic!

    Can you make a black and white collage of pictures of the dash showing consumption in standard units while you are floor it on reverse? Thank
  9. Alpine Sub - Certain frequencies produce a buzz

    A buzz is always vibration. The fact that it happens at certain frequencies has to do with the resonance frequency of whatever it is that is vibrating. This doesn’t rule out that there might be an internal part of the speaker that is loose, but it is definitely vibration. I’d say get a...
  10. Stuck in 2nd gear

    Even if it is sequential mode (M) the car will adjust gears depending on the speed. At a complete stop, if you are in M the car will shift down to first gear. Sounds like a control module error
  11. gas mileage 65 vs 70

    Aerodynamics affect all cars. Aero drag is proportional to 1/2 of the density times the square of the velocity (in standard units, aka m/s). The aero drag at 70 mph is 15% higher than at 65 mph. Your consumption jump to 25 mpg is what is expected.
  12. Joined the Club but got some questions!

    Congrats! For the apps, did you get a subscription? I do not know if trade ins get the free trial. This being said, I’ve had some sporadic issues with the apps but they get solved once they issue an update, for the most part they are functional 99% of the time for me.
  13. Change destination on Nav while driving

    You can change your destination while moving if it is on your recent destinations. Now, how does that not affect your attention on the road the same way typing a name does is a question I would like an answer to. Maybe the size of the button on screen is directly related to the amount of...
  14. UNcracked windshield club

    Yeah I never use it but I had to today due to the freezing rain... and kaboom! Lol
  15. UNcracked windshield club

    I agree with the differential IF you have the defroster blowing right on it. Without it blowing on it, the glass stays pretty much at the outside temperature throughout its thickness. The pure convection or air circulating in cabin when not being blasted through the defroster is negligible in...
  16. UNcracked windshield club

    I had zero chips on my windshield, still do. However, my windshield is now cracked. The crack can’t be felt from the inside or the outside. If you pay attention, most of the spontaneous cracks root at the center lower part of the windshield, the same spot where the poorly designed defroster...
  17. UNcracked windshield club

    Honestly I thought the same. I thought I defeated the almighty windshield cracker demon... Surprisingly enough it didn’t crack when the temps were at -20 last week. Although I’m pretty convinced the crack happened today because of the temperature differential created by having the defroster...
  18. UNcracked windshield club

    This is exactly what happened to me. The crack is on the main area where the windshield defroster blasts most of its air (center of windshield, lower part)
  19. LED Headlights and Wipers in snow?

    Still better than living in Vegas doe.
  20. UNcracked windshield club

    The jinx is real. Windshield cracked this morning when warming up the car to get the ice out. Lmao!!! self jinxing the crap out of myself. Guess I deserved it lol.