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  1. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    Installed the arcus rear bumper and the GP Factor license plate relocation bracket. All in all pretty solid set up.
  2. Texas LOD Signature Series Front Bumper with Skid

    I’ll buy the factor55 green flatlink
  3. Exposed Racks vs DeeZee for hardshell RTT

    Could always go trailer so you don’t have to. I know the jcr one is both a gutter and they sell support brackets. Kinda sucks this is the only option. Reason I sold my rtt, didn’t want to drill
  4. Exposed Racks vs DeeZee for hardshell RTT

    If you don’t want to drill your pretty much faced with an external cage style roof rack. the weight of the tent plus wind or bodies is a lot for the gutters on the roof.
  5. Jeeps clean air system

    here are the results from a basic google search. The Ram Clean Air System, standard on the 2022 Ram 1500, filters 95% of air particulates, providing the “cleanest cabin air in a Ram Truck ever,” and separating out pollen, allergens, bacteria, smoke, and other pollutants.
  6. Bronco Raptor edition = longer life cycle for 392 ??

    Yeah, a few grand. Most people doing conversions are pulling a junk yard motor. Not having a company do it. And not doing a full suspension change in the process. So yes, a few grand. Same as doing an ls swap. If you go buy a crate motor from anywhere you’re going to pay top dollar. You’re also...
  7. Hydrobrute is driven to adventure!

    Thank you. I’ve been looking for someone whos done one in there. So again thank you
  8. Hydrobrute is driven to adventure!

    Thank you kindly
  9. Hydrobrute is driven to adventure!

    Question about your front bumper. I have a 20” light bar. Does it have space to mount the bar on the bar in between the bar and the winch?
  10. Bumper Advice- Rough Country or Rugged Ridge Arcus

    Can you fit a 20” light bar under the hoop?
  11. Tape that sticks to wrangler plastic - hiding wiring

    Why not tuck it behind the windshield and route it straight to the bus next to the battery?you can’t even tell mine Is installed
  12. Direct Injection carbon & other 2.0T issues

    I’ve used catch cans on all of my previous turbo vehicles and now Jeep. For the Jeep though it only has 10k on it knowing the catch can is there is a piece of mind. How much it helps might be little but it is helping. All turbo di motors should have one
  13. California MetalClok with Poison Spyder tire carrier

    Such a good deal. Wish I was closer
  14. Foolish salesperson

    After being in sales, and having people show up and produce acronyms that are on the forums. I learned sort of what people were asking for and returned the oh you’re looking for this. People online think the employees are also online. They have how many different models to know along with their...
  15. Dual batteries and fitment with aFe magnum 5.0 CAI

    Cai are useful on making about 10hp unless you’re running a tuned turbo car but even then they don’t really do much. the dealer will need to prove if something happens to your motor that the cai was the main cause. Or they can simply tell you no. There are plenty of mod friendly dealers out there.
  16. California Rugged Ridge Chop Bracket and led light

    What’s your official shipped price. I’ll take them
  17. Arizona Core 4x4 Front LCA

    Are these still available?