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  1. California Mopar Tailgate Table

    Still available?
  2. Official Denver Area Group

    Just got back from Jeep Academy in Moab this weekend. Had a blast and more confident now and looking to get out more.
  3. Giveaway!!! KC all NEW Cyclone V2 LED 6-Light ROCK LIGHT KIT

    And the winning post is… count me in.
  4. Off-Road Campers

    Another vote for the Taxa Cricket. Wife likes a little more comfort. Put a lock and roll hitch on and it tows great. Solid axel and have taken it down a few harder trails but noting too extreme. For what we do so far so good. Solar is great and the upgrade LiPo batteries give us plenty of power...
  5. All Fender Flare Options (I think)

    So do you like the MP concepts flares? Do they match the existing trim? Also I’m assuming they take a rubicon led light kit. Sorry for the barrage of questions, just looking for feedback before I order them.
  6. California Baja designs S8 10" amber light

    assuming sold already, but just checking...
  7. New York WTS: 8.4 NAV w/ Bezel and Unlock Code *SOLD*

    If you get it fixed, let me know. I'd like to be first in line.
  8. New York WTS: 8.4 NAV w/ Bezel and Unlock Code *SOLD*

    Appreciate the fact that you got a quote to fix it, but still makes me nervous. What did they say was wrong? If you get it fixed I'd buy it from you for $950 :-)
  9. New York WTS: 8.4 NAV w/ Bezel and Unlock Code *SOLD*

    If you get down to $250 shipped I might take a flier on it. Just seems a little like a roll of the dice.
  10. Jeeps parking next to Jeeps... post yours!

    At my fishing spot today. Parked next to some old school wrangling.
  11. Colorado WTB 8.4 Radio with Nav and bezel

    Thanks and in the same boat on dropping 1500. 900-1K I'm more inclined to pull the trigger.
  12. Colorado Looking for Rubicon LED Front fenders

    Willing to pay shipping if needed
  13. Colorado WTB 8.4 Radio with Nav and bezel

    Looking to upgrade and willing to also pay shipping.
  14. Utah Mopar Tube Doors For JEEP WRANGLER JLU $700

    If you still have them in Oct. I’m heading to Moab for a Jeep off-roading training and could pick them up. :)
  15. Kentucky JLU Rubicon textured Fender Flares

    Sending pm now