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  1. JL resale values are insane!

    Im about to sell my Rubi to Vroom for $53,200. Paid $46,500 last February and put 10K on it. Got a new Rubi Ecodiesel sitting at the dealer waiting on me ( 3 weeks from order to delivery!!!!). Total out of pocket even paying full sales tax on new Jeep is $2000. I feel like thats a pretty good deal.
  2. Tennessee WTB: Ocean Blue Metallic JLURD

    May I ask where you have found them and are they still available? I actually want a black fender/soft top one.
  3. Tennessee WTB: Ocean Blue Metallic JLURD

    Does anyone want to sell their OBM JLURD? I don't care if it has brown or black interior but would prefer the Alpine stereo, larger headunit, cold weather package, soft top, and black flares. But will of course look at anything. The rest is negotiable. Send me a PM please! Thanks!
  4. Official: Jeep Wrangler 392 LAUNCH EDITION Starts at $73,500 Base Price. Build & Price Now Up

    Im with you on this. SInce there will most likely be a glut of these plus a lower price point on the next round, it should be no different than a Rubi and one should be able to find Tread Lightly/12-13% off MSRP and that means you could find a true base 392 for ~$70k discounted to ~$60K. Then...
  5. Anybody have the all black XD 137 wheels?

    Not XD137's but Brutes. Yes.
  6. I must be getting old...

    Im there with you and have started feeling the same way. The amount of idiots that truly dont turn their brights off but...I prefer to just adjust my mirrors for the rear morons. if that doesn't work, I have good insurance.
  7. 392 Wrangler Unlimited BASE MSRP PRICE REVEALED [$73,695]! Pricing directly from Stellantis

    You seem pretty proud of this in multiple threads. So I PM'd you back in November which dealer you are working with. Why is it such a secret?
  8. Jeep Superbowl Ad with old CJ

    I would say 74 million people would agree with that if: - That sorry excuse for an entertainer wasn't the spokesman - The "re-united" stunt. Roll my eyes. They coulda used a farmer, a teacher, a nurse, whatever and actually had something worth saying. But thats just two minor observations.
  9. Question About a Particular Combo

    Does anyone out there own an Ocean Blue Metallic Unlimited Rubicon Ecodiesel? Just curious.
  10. Im trying to order a 392-what dealer wants my business?

    I sent him a message as well on Tuesday I think.
  11. Im trying to order a 392-what dealer wants my business?

    Yes I have PM'd, called, and left a VM. He told me they are crazy busy so Im trying to balance communicating with being a pest.
  12. Recommended Dealers List

    Ive tried many dealers near and far from Nashville ,TN to order a 392. The few that have allocations also want over MSRP. Or will sell below MSRP but they don't have allocation. Any recommended dealers? Waiting on Rockie to call me back.
  13. Im trying to order a 392-what dealer wants my business?

    Ive tried many dealers near and far. The few that have allocations also want over MSRP. I have credit card ready for deposit, know what I want, have a 2020 Rubi I can offer on trade, and you can finance me with the juiciest bank you work with for a fat kickback.I dont care what interest rate...
  14. Wrangler Rubicon 392 Ordering is Open

    Wanna quote me on a trade? Any word yet on pricing? And what does a deposit look like to order?
  15. Wrangler Rubicon 392 Ordering is Open

    I just got told that it would be weeks before my local dealer knew if they were going to get an allocation and that they were hearing that other dealers were asking 20% over msrp :asshat: Clearly customer loyalty means squat. Paul, how would one order from you and be in the midwest? Auto...
  16. OCEAN BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    Its about time! Lets get the OB thread back to the top. Where it belongs. Forever. XD's and MT's... happy to report that there was no rubbing except for a little on the back inner fenders and those crappy plastic liners. Im gonna trim those a little and Ill be a happy man. No lift!!