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  1. 4xe Color Match/Black Top Swap Thread

    I saved my granite crystal hard top with headliner from my 2018 JLUR to put on my incoming 4xe. Will be an interesting combo. Looking to get some 80th granite crystal wheels to match the top. Ordered my sahara with the tan premium top.
  2. What vehicles currently have this engine option?

    Nope, Jeep introduced a JL Rubicon 392.
  3. 4xe order banks are open...sort of (first ordering details inside)

    Deposit amounts are set by individual dealers. No way they can keep your money. It is a DEPOSIT, not a non-refundable order fee. They don't even have pricing yet, they can't keep your deposit. That would never hold up in court and FCA would come down on them hard if they started doing that...
  4. 4xe order banks are open...sort of (first ordering details inside)

    They already ran this setup in the Pacifica. It isn't new tech.
  5. 4xe order banks are open...sort of (first ordering details inside)

    Just got word that order banks opened today, but several restrictions: - Not all colors showing avail yet - Only Sahara/Rubicons with certain options (Sahara only preferred pkg with leather) - Sport not avail yet - Pricing not known yet - These are the early launch vehicles, likely higher...
  6. 4xe order thread

    Thank you for the update.
  7. 4xe order thread

    I've owned several of these mild hybrid systems, most recently I had a new i8 in 2015. It isn't rocket science, esp with such a small battery. And yes, this has been used in the pacifica among others. This is barely ground breaking. They are still light years behind the market. I just think...
  8. 4xe order thread

    That is also convertible. I do have a CT order in.
  9. 4xe order thread

    If they are shooting for Dec availability I would think orders should open any day now. Part of the wait might be the EPA stuff to lock in the tax credits etc. If this vehicle is $8k more than a sport, but adds some options as standard, then factor in the $7500 credit, it's a no brainer given...
  10. I want the first 4xe Rubicon.

    Do you eat corn or anything sweetened with HFCS or put ethanol in your gas? Then you already receive subsidies. It's about what we want subsidized, not whether any should be given.
  11. 4xe order thread

    Please post your 4xe builds and success once the order bank opens!
  12. Latest 2021 Jeep Wrangler JL and JLU Order Guides

    Shoot. I don't think the black & tan is avail anymore :(
  13. Latest 2021 Jeep Wrangler JL and JLU Order Guides

    Does anyone know if you can still order a 2020? I would like to order a 2020 Sarge green black&tan with tan soft top and interior and can't find a single one on the ground anywhere. The green/tan to me is one of the most classic color combos dating back over 20 years to a TJ I had. Miss those...
  14. Inexpensive TPMS sensors

    Just wanted everyone to know you don’t need to pay a dealer crazy prices for TPMS sensors. I got these 5 out the door for $53 on eBay and just installed them on my JL Rubicon. Drove two miles and they sync’ed just fine...
  15. Side view mirrors for doors off driving suggestions?

    I’m still looking for options. Really missing the OEM bolt on side view mirrors from the jk. The ones on the tube doors here would be great.
  16. Track bar sheared off at the weld. I feel like I’m cursed with my new JL

    So I don't want to fan the fire, but I also don't want to put my family in something unsafe. I have an early build Rubicon (Jan I believe) and based on what I have read, I think maybe there should be cause for concern. Lots of pores in my welds. I am not an expert, what should I do, contact...