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  1. How much below MSRP for 4xe?

    I live in Washington state and only know of one dealer who was willing to do $1K under MSRP on orders. Do you know which dealers are doing better discounts off invoice or MSRP around WA? Is the one in Idaho "Dave Smith" dealership?
  2. How much below MSRP for 4xe?

    Looks like prices are more negotiable in the east coast. If the discounts you are quoting are actually current and not from couple years ago. Nothing like these discount over in the west coast. From what I've heard the dealers are only willing to do around $1K below MSRP at most around here.
  3. New 2021 Horrible Experience. Does FCA Even Care?

    very nice looking! Hope this one works out better. It is unbelievable that the quality control is so lax that they let a bent frame go by. You have a lot of patience.
  4. Selling my 4xe

    Our dealer here in WA state says the best they can offer is $1000 below MSRP (not invoice). So, it depends on the area. They used to sell at about 5% below invoice, but not anymore due to shortage.
  5. I'm thinking of trading to a Bronco

    My advise is even if you really want to trade into a Bronco, wait. Don't do it any earlier than a couple of years. Right now, there are many quality control issues and bugs that need to be fixed on the Bronco. Also, you'll be paying top dollar for a Bronco not because it's a great SUV, but...
  6. 4xe cheaper than JLUR 2.0T ! ($7500 Rebate Explained)

    If you lease the vehicle the tax credit is applied up front and you don't have to wait for your tax year to apply. This is how it is in WA state (at least), but may be different in other states. The only issue is you will end up paying a higher price at the end of your lease term if you decide...
  7. Selling my 4xe

    Just as many others have mentioned here, I would also say it's mostly due to not getting the $7.5K and the fact a new one can be ordered for less. Jeep holds its resale value well comparatively speaking, but more so after the first couple of years. Being less than a year old and asking that...
  8. Recommended Dealers List

    Thanks I know about Paul from Dwyane Lane's and had messaged him about this, but never got a response. Like you said, they are most likely not willing to give a good discount for the time being.
  9. Just got home from Bronco event...

    Ford quality job number 1. Just put together in a hurry and used as many short cuts and cost cuttings as possible. It's also apparent in the cost cutting corners on the engine designs.
  10. Recommended Dealers List

    It doesn't look like many people from NW are looking at this thread much. I posted a similar message here last week for Seattle/Everett area, but no response from anyone.
  11. Recommended Dealers List

    Has anyone recently ordered a 4Xe in Washington state? Any good dealers with good % discount off invoice you would recommend? I've reached out to Dewayne Lane (Paul) couple days ago, but haven't heard anything back. Thanks
  12. My horrible dealer visit experience

    He's talking about an OEM part, not an aftermarket part. OEM parts should carry the same manufacturer's warranty regardless of where it was purchased, especially a gas cap! I had bought one of those also online from another source and followed a video on youtube to key it using my Jeep's key...
  13. New 2021 Horrible Experience. Does FCA Even Care?

    Could be the steering stabilizer.
  14. New 2021 Horrible Experience. Does FCA Even Care?

    Probably some dude out from India in a small shack responding to emails and pretending they're going to take care of your problems. Don't worry, be happy. 😁😁😁
  15. New 2021 Horrible Experience. Does FCA Even Care?

    I think Jeep Cares is just a formality to show others that Jeep really seeks customer satisfaction and helps people resolve their issues with the product. In reality, it doesn't seem to make one bit of difference. Most of the dealerships don't have a clue about their product and they do...
  16. New 2021 Horrible Experience. Does FCA Even Care?

    I was considering a new 4Xe (I sold my JLUR last year), but now when I read these kinds of posts I get discouraged and worried to end up with same kind of problems. I know not all have the same issues, but I've read way too many posts by different people having issues with poor frame welds...
  17. BUYERS BEWARE...3.0 Diesel...JeepDOESNTCare

    Nobody has to go through this kind of crap after buying a new vehicle. This sort of issue isn't limited to diesel engines. I've heard and seen too many other similar problems with incompetent dealers on other issues on Jeep. Other manufacturers have problems too, but it seems Jeep is far...
  18. 2021 JLUR (manual, 3.6L ESS) Won't Start

    I agree with NBB. The Aux battery is buried in a box under main battery and you have to disconnect it to test. I've also heard people with bad Aux batteries that seemed to have normal voltage, but had to be replaced. There is also possibility of a bad / loose ground somewhere if the...
  19. JL welding Issues

    Has anyone heard if these weld issues have been resolved in 2020 and 2021 models? Man, I hope this has changed by now. I got rid of my 2019 JLUR for this reason and steering issues, but it sounds like nothing has changed.
  20. How much below MSRP for 4xe?

    It's just strange why FCA wouldn't have any mention of discount on their own Affiliate Reward website, but I guess that may be because the deal may not be the same for different areas. I guess I'll have to call their number to find out what the current offers are for my area and if I order one...