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  1. If there was one thing you could change about your JL...

    So many good posts in this thread! I have an automatic trans and I'd really like to be able to invert the manual mode shifting. Every car I have ever owned that had manual mode shifting worked the opposite of the wrangler -- push the shift lever FORWARD to go faster. I constantly downshift and...
  2. Half Doors

    Definitely in the same boat here. I want those damn doors for my 2019.
  3. What’s in your Rear Cargo Space?

    Rad bike! One of those is on my bucket list.
  4. Oil changed = damaged fender

    Was just going to post the same. Must have been bring your kid to the shop day and have them do oil changes.
  5. What's the best thing you ordered on your Wrangler

    If we are talking OEM stuff, then the rubicon package. Aftermarket, I think I'd go with the bed tread. I just cleaned dog puke from the back of the jeep in about 5 minutes with some simple green and a paper towel. I can also just sweep out the dog hair. With the carpet, that would be a major...
  6. (non) off-road shaming - why?

    I don't get the use of "(non)" in front of the subject. Is that meant to negate the subject?
  7. Damning quote on Bronco vs Wrangler

    Sorry, but I lost interest in the bronco the first time I saw a picture of one and realized it looks like a cross between an FJ and a Wrangler. The grill alone is enough to turn me away.
  8. Forgot frozen salmon in my car for 2 days... trying to clean and need help

    That's when you say "see! we should have gotten the high-clearance roomba, you never listen to me..."
  9. Let's talk winches folks

    My smittybilt is nice. And tractor supply just came out with a new winch that is all metal. If I were in the market for one right now I'd take a hard look at that TS winch.
  10. It started with jjirish's nails...

    How about one of these? If anyone asks, just say "that's what happens when you leave your arm out the window when wheeling!":
  11. Half Doors

    I'd be interested in the fronts for the right price.
  12. Carb upgrade for better performance?

    I don't care too much about performance. I just want a carb that will let me run diesel in my 2 door.
  13. Half Doors

    Everyone needs to upvote this. +eleventymillion. I want the half doors that Jeep has been showing in marketing materials since 2017.
  14. XR package hype?

    I don't care at all about the xr package. First I have a 2 door jlr. Second I've owned the thing for three years and have already put larger tires on it. Mopar Lift is probably next. But what I really do care about is the damn FACTORY HALF DOORS! JEEP: its time to release the halfies.
  15. Dealer not interested in fixing Jeep, nor is case management----options?

    Have you drained your rear diff to see if there is any metal in there?
  16. Just don't buy the 4xe! Please don't!

    I think all trim and engine levels receive the same non-existent level of support from Chrysler.
  17. Remote Start Quit working

    Great. Send me one free and I'll test it out.
  18. Has anyone moved their rear license plate and light to the spare tire?

    Is that the passenger side tail light harness?
  19. What’s in your Rear Cargo Space?

    My Jeep Fail 2 door version of the alpine subwoofer.
  20. What Non-Factory Mod is Absolutely Worth Every Penny

    Full BedTred no more agonizing about getting GSP and Vizsla hair out of my carpet. Just blow it out or hose it out. Another vote for LED headlights and fogs. And, a Smitty winch and all required accessories. I think the best mod was a locking aluminum storage box I built with a drawer for the...