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  1. Mouse in glove box!

    I went camping/fishing at the Miracle Mile in Wyoming and when I got home I discovered a mouse nest on top of the battery, and some light scratches on a wire to my air compressor. No real damage though. I re-wrapped the wire. The perpetrator was long gone. No new mouse house since then.
  2. Which oil should I use and what oil weight?

    Watch the Lite-Brite Nation video, where they tell you all the best types to use. Make sure to watch the followup video, "WE BROKE OUR JEEP WITH THAT OIL"
  3. Who actually uses A/C?

    Most of the time I didn't use it in favor of retracting my softtop, but on those brutal 90degree + days, it would feel like sticking my face in the oven. On those days, it was a glorious return to AC. And on the highway.
  4. LED headlamp in snow: has anyone wished or tried to switch to Halogen Headlamps?

    I can't say I've ever driven in heavy snow for extended periods at night with my JLUR led's yet. I'll have to keep an eye on that (snow buildup on lights). I'm glad I saw this thread. I had halogens on my Ram 1500 though, and I would've been better served with candles in mason jars taped to the...
  5. Video: Procharger Supercharged 3.6 V6 JL Demonstrated

    embarrassed by a V6 Mustang? That might make hang myself with my belt. ;) Those are the worst cars ever made.
  6. Electric Jeep Wrangler EV to be called "MAGNETO" Concept?

    If/when we get solid-state batteries (or better) for electric vehicles that can provide 400-500 REAL WORLD range, I'll be on board. And I think that day is coming soon. Toyota is bragging they've got a SSD battery vehicle ready to go, but it's got the same range as a Tesla Long-Range model. It...
  7. Video: Procharger Supercharged 3.6 V6 JL Demonstrated

    LOL I'd have put my driver's license into a shredder before I even signed on the dotted line. I've got no willpower and horrible luck. The first guy with a fartcannon Fast & Furious car pulling up next to me would be all it takes.
  8. All Electric Jeep Wrangler BEV Concept to be Revealed at Easter Jeep Safari!

    We can always summon Thor to hit it with a thunderbolt.
  9. Remove Hood Decals? Am I crazy?

    My first car (well, "truck" it was a diesel VW Rabbit pickup) belonged to a guy named "Steve." It said so on the DOOR. It also had the Tasmanian Devil on it, from Looney Tunes. My Dad got it for $800. I told my Dad, "thanks for the gift, Dad. But I'm going to keep taking the schoolbus with the...
  10. 392 Wrangler Unlimited BASE MSRP PRICE REVEALED [$73,695]! Pricing directly from Stellantis

    About what I thought, even though beyond my means or interest. I figured it would be in the ballpark of the TrackHawk (actually is less) and the Raptor. Great engine.
  11. for those who ask about comfort on long trips

    I find mine to be fairly comfy, taken it on a several 500 mile-each way trips. I added a dead pedal which helped immensely. Seats are ok. Not going to lie, it's not like driving a Suburban or Expedition or something, but it's not supposed to be. I would NOT want to be sitting in the backseat of...
  12. 100 mile review

    The dead pedal is worth it. NOTE: It helps if you're a Little Person or perhaps an Olympic gymnast. It's not complicated to get the M.O.R.E. pedal in there. It would just be better if we had tentacles instead of hands. Have the suicide hotline on speed dial. If that nut falls off the...
  13. Ok.. so who traded this in? 😆

    Sweet. Gotta air down though on Fins and Things. Make that ride CUMMFEE LMFAO. Northridge offers a custom kit for onboard air compressor. It's a straw, and instructions on how to blow through a straw.
  14. 392 Rubicon has Official MPG from EPA -- 13 city / 17 hwy / 14 combined

    I'm looking forward to Lite-Brite buying one, ripping out the motor, and swapping in a V-12 and calling it Immortan Joe's War Rig.
  15. Upset with dealership oil change

    i like the idea of these fumoto taps...anybody use them who also does vigorous rock-climbing or trail riding? I'd be worried about that metal nub getting caught up, but I like to worry.
  16. Upset with dealership oil change

    What is it with Jeep dealerships and them giving people extra oil? There's a consistent problem with them overfilling the JLs. To quote Warden Norton in "Shawshank Redemption," "This is a conspiracy, that's what this is!" Seriously though, they overfilled every single one of my free oil...
  17. Op-Ed: Is the JL the BEST JEEP WRANGLER EVER?

    My '19 JLUR is my first Jeep, so I can't opine without talking out my ass. Back in college my buddy had a jeep, I think it was a TJ. Had the N/A 4 cylinder and manual transmission, but I loved riding in it. He didn't go wheeling in it, but it seemed to be bulletproof. It sucked down gas like...
  18. Cold Temperature Impact on All-Electric Range?

    Wait...the guy commutes 129 miles EACH WAY? well suck me sideways