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  1. Dash Cam Fuse Tap - Need ON and ACC Fuses

    My tap won't fit at F35, hangs over. Any others you can think of?
  2. Dash Cam Fuse Tap - Need ON and ACC Fuses

    Why would you need to move F43 to F45? Is it designed for this so that you can control power to that outlet?
  3. Dash Cam Fuse Tap - Need ON and ACC Fuses

    Which fuses are you using for dash cams that support parking mode? I need to tap into an ACC fuse that only turns on when the vehicle is in use, and I need a fuse that is always on. I tried a couple today without success. Documentation is very poor I've searched the forums and youtube quite a...
  4. Jeep Releases Mopar 2" Lift Kit For Wrangler 4xe

    Lift kit is about $1,000 more than I'm willing to pay. Plus it sounds like you're going to lose about 5 to 10 mi of battery life switching to bigger tires
  5. Are you all using Premium gas ?

    Nah, manual says use 87 plus we only use Electric. Only filled up once in 700 miles so far. Feels good to stick it to the oil tycoons
  6. Desperate for mats and cargo liner...

    But rainy muddy spring weather is already here...
  7. Desperate for mats and cargo liner...

    We specifically want the new mats with black lettering. I am only able to find red lettering
  8. Desperate for mats and cargo liner...

    I fully regret not ordering mats from the factory. It seems that both Mopar mats 6RV53TX7AA and 6RV54TX7AA are back ordered indefinitely. I checked WeatherTech and it does not appear that they have a 4xe variant yet. I've reached out to customer service. I'm also not sure if their existing...
  9. Will the 4xe be unusable in hot weather?!

    Arizona is becoming inhabitable lol... Move while you still can
  10. 4xE Order Status??

    If you're lucky your vehicle will not be shipped via train. Trains absolutely will kick up rail dust which will stick to your paint. Hard to remove, usually requires paint correction. Had the issue with both of my Mustangs.
  11. What's the hold up? Let's speculate...

    Mach E is definitely on the road. I've seen a few already
  12. 4xE Order Status??

    Wrong. If the specs changed then we as consumers have the right to walk away 100% reimbursement, including deposits. In similar cases the manufacturer has reimbursed the consumer up to $1,000.
  13. Press driving impressions?

    there's a press embargo until a certain date. pretty standard for any product launch these days because it helps prevent fallout against negative reviews
  14. 4xE Order Status??

    Ordered 2/15 Sent to storage 3/1 I dont have a build sheet or window sticker yet
  15. Poll: primary reason you are purchasing a 4xe

    cheaper than the regular model...only reason
  16. EPA website - watch these to know when deliveries might start

    I can promise you that more people buy jeeps for daily driving than offroading...
  17. EPA website - watch these to know when deliveries might start

    We all know the 4xE isn't going to fundamentally improve the environment, these holdups aren't preventing any offset of signifcant carbon lol. I'd rather the EPA hold Jeep to the proper standards than let multi billion dollar corporations lie to us. Look at what VW did, total joke.
  18. Jeep Theft Made EASY

    hey everyone this guy wanted you to know that he owns a gun